Friday, August 10, 2007

The girl is MARRIED

No, not me. My sister got married yesterday here. So far two of my sisters have gotten married in yeah, it's been a busy time :)

It was chaos, pure and utter chaos. We went to the mosque and found that it was packed with other people who we didn't know. They had apparently double-booked the place: 2 nikkahs at the same time. So we sat in the crowded and hot prayer area and waited for the other nikkah to be over, which took just under an hour. My sister was sitting there and saying to me "uhh can you go make sure this isn't MY nikkah going on" since we couldn't see anything due to the crowdedness of the place. People pressing up against you while you're trying to breathe in the moment, very distracting.

So the unfamiliar crowds finally dissipated and we were left with our guests, mostly family (of which we have an unspeakable amount). There we were, looking over the balcony at the men's area, pointing out our cousins, waving at random relatives, listening to our uncles making speeches before the marriage was performed. It was surreal. You know when you have to do a double take in your mind to make sure what you're seeing and hearing is actually real? That's how it was.

Then she went down to sign the contract and fingerprint it, and came back up. We watched our dad with her fiance, now husband, "giving her away." And it was really a couple of seconds and it was over, and I looked at my sister and thought, you're married now. I cried like a baby, it was pretty despicable. To make up for it, I took around 200 pictures.

So the groom's family gave out chocolate and mango juice to the Egyptian crowd. Another custom they have here is that the groom gives the bride the "shabka" which is jewelry, including a diamond ring and blah blah. So what they do is put the jewelry on a platter and walk it around the mosque for people to ooh and ahh at. My sister was irritated. We all came back to our apartment and ate cake and drank pepsi and 7-up from glass bottles.

I must have greeted at least 80 people, most of which I didn't know. And each one got three kisses (sometimes four, depending on who they were). It was interesting, watching all these people, some complete strangers congratulating my sister so sincerely. I couldn't tell if it was genuine or not. I'm pretty sure every single person who said salaam to me said "3obalik," meaning "may you be next." I was afraid. The pressure is on.

The end. Amongst all the stress and arranging stuff for the wedding, I told my sister that as long as she's married by then end of the night, nothing else matters.

Now that's the end.


hajera said...

I want to see her pictures! In other words, I demand an email consisting of around 200 pictures. I too cried like a baby in my sister's wedding. And I cried like a baby in her walima also. It was quite funny, actually. At the end of it, right after she left with her husband and we were getting ready to leave, it hit me that the fun and festivities were all done and she was married for real. And thus, I started crying. And then my sister saw me and started crying also. And then my brother joined us and started crying as well. My parents had to stop and buy us mango juice at around 3am in the morning to try and calm us all down. It was good juice (and yes, it was around 3am when we finally left the hall and were on our way home).

Anonymous said...

which 1 got married?

Umar said...

congrats to you and your family :)

Anonymous said...

ARE YOU FOR REAL??? Samar told me today, and I couldn't believe her!


Does this mean you're going to marry an Egyptian too? At least go across the border and holla at some ppl there ;)
(in other words, Qubalek!! (with a qaf!!!))

- HeavenlyCushions

sara said...

Tell you sister I am so happy for her and I pray for happiness in her marriage.

Also, will you call me when you are home. I want to see you indefinitely.

rizwan said...

So THAT's why you're in Egypt!!

Old school.

And here I thought you were just a tourist.

My congratulations to your sister and your family =)

Squeeky said...

Assalaamu Alaikum :)

Mmm ... chocolate and mango juice ... *drool*

Masha'Allah, congratulations to your sister and your family! May Allah Swt surround the two of them with love and happiness always! Don't worry Asmaa, I'll make du'a that you get married soon so you don't feel that pressure ;) tee hee

Tasneem said...

Congrats Asmaa to you and your sister!

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum Asmaa!

Mabrook to Sumayyah and the rest of your family HUG(x3)! May Allah(swa) protect & bless the union between the two hearts and the two families... ameen!

So much for keeping up with the tradition of attending your sister's weddings in Misr:P... Hopefully I'll catch yours inshallah:D!

Miss you guys and can't wait to see pictures! With lots of love, fr:)

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