Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bookshelf Identity

As per Faraz's general tag, my bookshelf. Let's see what we can deduce from the random stuff here.

Exhibit A

Textbooks from school, as well as one (very out of place) Stephen King book which I have never read. I promise you I didn't buy it. It was a gift. Various writing guides, a book of super-old English plays, stuff on mental health. In the left bottom corner there are some copies of The Muslim Voice from when I was editor (vanity much, I know).

Exhibit B

My favourite textbook of all time: Deviance and Social Control. That was possibly my all-time favourite course. I realized that society does not like deviants such as myself, but that it's okay because there are people out there who understand. As well as other random texts. The Brothers Grimm complete compilation of stories (which I borrowed from the MSA office once when we were cleaning it out. Nobody knows why it was there in the first place). Let me take this opportunity to say that they were perverts. All the fairy tales you read are watered down versions of the originals.

Exhibit C

Top left corner is a bunch of AlMaghrib course packages, then there's cream, sunglasses that I never wear, a jar of seashells I picked in Egypt three years ago, old poetry books. The Muqaddimah is there somewhere, too. Have yet to make a significant dent in it yet.

So Deduce what you will. Analyze what you will. I think it's a fair representation of my interests (except that Canadian Literature book which was full of super super boring stuff. Not that I dislike Canadian literature in general).

So how well do you think my bookshelf represents me? Not that you know me, really.


Rizwan said...

I've got exactly the same mushaf. The burgundy(?)/maroon(?) one. An eleven year old Sudanese Qur'an student named Ahmad gave it to me as a gift.

From your books it seems like you're a social deviant Al-Maghrib student with a Muslim voice (or two).

Are those really all your books? Seems like you're not a big reader =)

Asmaa said...

Actually I love reading, but I don't own many books because I don't believe in buying books when I can get them from the library. It may be a money thing, since I've been broke for all of my student years. But I think it's more than that. I'm just a 100% library person...and luckily for me, I have a library right next to where I live :)

Rizwan said...

Ah. I (virtually) stand corrected.

You have a library right next to where you live?? LUCKY!!!

As a child, I remember wishing I could live in my local library. It had a clock tower, comfortable seats and more books of all kinds than I could count. When I got a job at my university library this year, it was like a dream come true.

I might still abandon my other career plans and become a professional librarian. My father might not jump for joy at that =)

Zainab said...

i deduce:

i/ thou hast spectacles on account of those books;

ii/ thou hast soft skin on account of them creams;

iii/ thou hast no job on account of this post.


yaser said...

your bookshelf tells me you're a student! =P but i love bookshelf pictures because they really do tell a lot about a person. also, i wanted to get the 'companions of the prophet' (both volumes) but they're hard to come by in ordinary stores.

Asmaa said...

Zainab, right on the spot :)

Yaser, was a student. But then, aren't we always students, no matter how old we get?