Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Ballerina from Iceland

Today I got one of those guys adding me to MSN randomly. So, before I blocked him, I decided to have a little fun...

Shoaib says: ok my name is shoaib
Asmaa says: wonderful
Shoaib says: from where u r
Asmaa says: I'm from Iceland
Shoaib says: nice place
Asmaa says: it is. cold and a bit ugly. but it's my home
Shoaib says: r u muslim
Asmaa says: i'm muslim, yes
Shoaib says: me too
Asmaa says: wow we have so much in common. lolz
Shoaib says: ur age
Asmaa says: i'm 15
Shoaib says: i am 26
Asmaa says: eww that's so old
Shoaib says: can i see u?
Asmaa says: can you see me? I don't know. sure, come to iceland
Asmaa says: where are you from?
Shoaib says: The one and only pakistan
Asmaa says: cool that's my favourite country. all the power romantic
Shoaib says: i like this name asma
Shoaib says: tell me about ur family
Asmaa says: I have 9 brothers, and 2 half-sisters.
Asmaa says: and we live in a little village on this mountain here in iceland
Asmaa says: i'm lucky to have internet today, usually we don't get signal up here.
Shoaib says: amazing
Asmaa says: yeah, it's really cool. i want to be a ballerina when i grow up, too
Shoaib says: join me for friend ship? chat daily
Asmaa says: where is this friend ship going? what sea is it sailing on?
Shoaib says: ok
Shoaib says: your home countary?
Asmaa says: lithuania
Shoaib says: where is it?
Asmaa says: it's in south america
Shoaib says: ok i dont know
Shoaib says: will u sent me ur picture
Asmaa says:no, i'm much too beautiful. you wouldn't be able to handle all that beauty
Shoaib says: ur the most younger in ur brother/sisters
Asmaa says: no. I'm the oldest. I have 9 younger brothers
Asmaa says: and they all came out at once, too! like a litter of puppies. except uglier
Shoaib says: nice jok
Asmaa says: it's not a joke
Asmaa says: do you think i'm lying?
Shoaib says: how is it possible ur 15 after every year ur mother have a child. any way how is ur mother
Asmaa says: okay i'll tell you the truth. my father is married to 7 wives
Asmaa says: but don't tell anyone, because it's so embarrassing. lol
Shoaib says: no its not
Asmaa says: yes it is
Shoaib says: it hapen with human
Asmaa says: true. like, i want to marry 3 husbands. one black, one white, and one brown.
Asmaa says: so I guess it's the same with my dad...he wanted to marry one from each continent i guess. lolz
Shoaib says: ok!!!!!!!!!!! Why?!!!!!!!!!!
Asmaa says: because I can't decide which race I like best. duh!! silly!!
Shoaib says: u have to sister right. how old they are. have u meet them
Asmaa says: yeah i have two sisters. they live in bolivia unfortunately. they moved out recently.
Asmaa says: one was adopted by a bolivian family. the other was sold for slave labour because my dad wanted to buy a bigger house
Shoaib says: ok. can we have chat daily
Asmaa says: like I said, we don't get internet access here much. because we live on a mountain. duh
Shoaib says: ok
Asmaa says: uh oh...i feel an earthquake!!! I have to go. bye! lolz


sara said...


fathima said...

like unto like.

Abdul said...


bb said...

please be safe. hide your email addy.

Anonymous said...

It might seem like fun, but really lying is prohibited, even in joking. your time is too precious.

Anonymous said...

lying - even in jokes - is not permitted.

woe be to the one who lies to make people laugh

this was a not so halal moment you had.

adnan. said...

and all he wanted was to chat with you daily. shame on you asmaa.

Umar said...


So I'll take that as a "No, I don't want to chat daily"?

Faizal said...

To Adnan. Shame on her?? Would you allow your wife to chat with some random guy on the internet everyday?? It's inappropriate brother. Especially if you don't know what kind of guy he is. It's easy to develop feelings for each other in this kind of situations.. Think about this. Correct me if I'm wrong.. =)
Allah knows best.

Asmaa said...

Anon #1 and #2, I'm sorry you had to experience one of my many haram moments. My condolences for your deep suffering.

Faizal, I'm fairly sure that Adnan was joking.

Mars said...


I can't decide who's the bigger creep. You for all those ridiculous lies, or the guy for not being deterred by any of them.

Anonymous said...

I did not suffer, just wanted to point out the right thing for you. There is no room for sarcasm here. May Allah guide us all.

Asmaa said...

There's always room for sarcasm on my blog :) That's just who I am.

Faizal said...

Ohh! I'm soo sorry Adnan!! Saw it out of context. Kindly excuse.. Hehehe =)

abdul said...

totally random thought: I'm really looking forward to EID....oh Eid come soon!

adnan. said...

@faizal - "allow" my wife. hahaha.

allow her? in fact, all talking or forms thereof must be done via online chatting, especially with me.

regard developing feelings, fine. we'll limit it to every other day, especially with me.

primiiii said...

aww, c'mon,,, take it easy,, this one is soooo hilarious... :D

Anonymous said...

What does zb do after getting up early morning?
Brushing - No
toilet - No
Prayer - No
Reading Adnan's blog!!

Nauman said...

So now I know what you're up to on MSN all the time... haha... hilarious stuff. :)

mezba said...

LOL! this is grand... too funny!

What is haram here is how you slandered Iceland. And Bolivia. I am shocked you missed the glorious nation of Kazakhstan.


Lalla Mona said...

LOOOOL@ the earthquake pfffhahahha

thanks Asmaa for the laugh


Le-Ann Mariamlelue said...

Lmao :P
Would you believ I just blocked one of them? lol :P
I just was having some fun butI swear I'm not as inventive as your are lol :P and he was a lil too freaky rofl
Lord, where do these ppl come from ?!?!?!?!
anyways thanks for the laugh
great blog ;)

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