Saturday, November 08, 2008

Soothing Mercy

When prophet Ya'qoub (peace by upon him) lost both his sons, he made a poignant statement, which is mentioned in the Quran. He said: I only complain of my grief and sorrow to Allah.

I've been through some difficult months, and it seems that through it all I couldn't find peace or contentment. I was shoved towards a low place, and I could not pick myself up. I recently heard the verse above recited prayer and I found it very powerful. I mean, my Lord is the only One who has any true power in my life, wouldn't it be fitting for me to turn to Him in my times of need?

And Ya'qoub said to his other sons: never give up hope of Allah's Soothing Mercy: truly no one despairs of Allah's Soothing Mercy, except those who have no faith.

I think one of the reasons I'm unable to pick myself up is because I've been fairly constant in complaining about my sorrow to other people. But I never once thought I should stop doing that, and instead only complain to my Lord.

I need soothing mercy. Maybe today is a good day to start.


Green Head said...

hope so.

sara said...

good lesson for me to learn as well.

thank you.

call me sometime soon. what's your tuesday like?

hajera said...

i'm reminded of the prophet's dua in taif... it's beautiful and a fitting lesson for us all.

may allah grant you ease through all your hardships