Monday, November 03, 2008

Beautiful Noise

I happened to be listening to this song today, and I found something about the lyrics really irritating. (The other) Asma also talks about the idea of love songs here. Anyways, the song I heard went something like this:

you got my attention,and you know,
we had first connection that wouldn't let go,
there was somethin' sexy 'bout your voice,
anything you say makes a beautiful noise.

Besides the general ickyness of that whole bit, anything she says makes a beautiful noise? I can't even sit here and explain how ridiculous that phrase is. It's like this man is in love with this woman because she has this amazing voice, and every time she says something, he loves the melody it makes. Let's set aside the obtuse notion that a woman may actually have something of benefit to say, and not appreciate a man losing himself in the tones of her voice.

I'm sure some people may find this type of "compliment" romantic. But let's face it, stuff like this just furthers the reality that women are valued for their beauty and not for their wit or intelligence.

Perhaps we are slowly making progress. But we still have ways to go. General pop culture is definitely not helping.

That also reminded me of this video (which is ingeniously hilarious):

Anyways, that's enough man-hating for one night. Well then, til tomorrow!


shajara said...

Assalamu aleikum,
I am writing this from work at the end of the day: awesomehuss, I do so miss you. You and your darn articulateness. >hug<

Ardently, S.

'liya said...

That video was hilarious, it made my day, thanks! :D

(on a more serious note I'm now thinking of how I can incorporate it into a lesson plan)

asdf said...

What does zb do after getting up early morning?
Brushing - No
toilet - No
Prayer - No
Reading Adnan's blog!!

Asmaa said...

shajara, come home. Thanks.

liya, haha I'd like to see you use that in class. That'd be hilarious.

asdf/zb, uhh this isn't adnan's blog. haha

sara said...

Ok a dumb example but that's why I hate Eric from The Little Mermaid!!! He doesn't give a damn about Ariel (even though she's a super lame spoiled brat) and just hears her voice and is automatically in love. That movie is so retarded.

Asmaa said...

Sara, I have the same sentiments towards Eric. What a jerk. Haha. Actually I think the same can be said for almost any classic disney movie.

Abdul said...


but like on a side note, some people - you must admit - have very strong and beautiful voices. maybe the guy in the poem likes the girl because of her amazing voice. just because he likes the sound of her voice does not translate into him ignoring the fact that she might have something of benefit to say.

Maybe the poem is metaphorical in nature. Perhaps BECAUSE all she has to say is of benefit and is intelligent and witty the man finds her voice beautiful - due to every ounce of her voice going towards a productive speech.

beauty is subjective and maybe her intellect and eloquence in her speech makes it beautiful and attractive. I mean we've all been awed by a powerful leader and they way he/she talks :)

abdul said...

okay one more point.

linking it back to the post about babies...I am sure you find the sound of babies beautiful. would you still like a baby if it did not sound like a baby? The cute speech of a baby is part of what makes a baby lovable. Speech/voice can go a long way.

Asmaa said...

Abdul, you're right. It could very well be that the man is enraptured because everything she says is intelligent. I'm glad you're an optimist, but I kind of doubt that :P considering it was from some pop song.

And babies are different!! I hate to break it to you, but babies who can't talk don't have anything of benefit to say (lol). So it would be concluded that their cuteness is really the only thing we CAN admire about them. If my nephew, for example, started reciting shakespeare's poetry, then yes, I would admire him for his speech. But alas, the 5 month old cannot. but it's an entertaining notion!

Rizwan said...

This public service announcement is wonderful and marvelous and other adjectives that sound good with a British accent.

As for women not being valued enough for their wit or intelligence:

Maybe if wit or intelligence weren't so rare, we would value both women and men for it more. Things being the way they are, I often think the path of mercy is to value people according to what they seem to possess rather than what we expect them to ought to possess. It's easiest to value people according to what is physically/empirically determinable. Then we don't have to actually know them. Actually knowing each other is dangerous. It sets us up for severe disappointment when others don't turn out to be what we want them to be. And don't forget we love to do things the easy and convenient way.

We don't do what is right. We do what is convenient and then repent.