Sunday, April 19, 2009


As is usual with my family's last-minute-ness, mom and I are heading to Egypt for 4 weeks to visit my sister who's going to have a baby inshaAllah. We basically bought our tickets on Friday. I leave the 23rd of April. I'll try to take some pictures for your entertainment, naturally.

I have to clean my room now (which is really an arduous task considering I have not properly organized any of my things since starting my masters in September). Woohoo.

Every time I tell someone, the person jumps in and says "OH ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED?? WINK WINK" because of course, a female of my age-range cannot go anywhere overseas without the express intention of getting hitched.

My life does not revolve around marriage. So, no, I'm not getting married you ugly jerks.

Good day.


Anonymous said...

the traveler's prayers are answered so do remember us all while traveling

Owl said...

Ugly jerks are the best kind. Then you can spot them from a distance.

Nauman said...

Your life may not revolve around marriage but you know you want it to. :)

Asmaa said...

Anon, inshaAllah.

Owl, honestly, eh?

Nauman, you're rude.

Ameera said...

Don't you have to study? Are you just going to wake up on Friday and fly out to Egypt? What about responsibilities and the realities of life?

(*sigh*... me want to go somewhere too!) :P

M&M said...

Have a safe trippp! and a good time Inshallah.

Anonymous said...

good luck in finding a spouse while you are there ;-)