Friday, April 17, 2009

I always thought "gumption" was a dumb word. but now I know better.

This morning when I woke up for fajr I stubbed the baby toe on my left foot very hard. And it still hurts. I was limping on the way to my placement. And now I have my shoe off because it hurts. I wanna go to the doctor and have him give me a lollipop. Preferably a very large one like this:

In other news, this little old lady came in today to get some help with her housing situation. Then when we were done, she's like "thank you dear" (in her lil ol' lady voice) and she pulled out this Casino Rama card she got in the mail. She wanted me to fill out a survey for her online (she doesn't know how to use a computer) so that she could be entered to win some grand prize.

And for a split second I thought: is this woman essentially asking me to gamble for her? So for a few seconds I stared at the card she gave me, and looked at her sweet lil ol' lady face. And I said: I'm sorry, I can't do this for you because I don't want to be involved in anything related to gambling.

She was puzzled, but I directed her to someone else, and then thought to myself: THAT'S WHAT YOU CALL GUMPTION!

Ahem. I need chocolate in my system or something. Excuse me while I ingest something.


Yusuf Saber said...

Just because you were part of some good ol' gumption doesn't make it a good word. It's still stupid. You are both an academic and an intellect, you should know better ;)

abdul said...

so i have a dilemma that i need ur advice. there's this movie (ahem..Star Trek) that i really want to see but i am tempted to go see the trailers.

the thing is, last time i did that with another movie i ended up ruining the movie experience b/c half way through i was able to put the pieces together.

so should i go an watch the trailer? I can't seem to resist watching it...

Asmaa said...

Yusuf, thank you for clearing that up. You're so SMRT.

Abdul, I think you know the answer to your own question...which was very random indeed.