Wednesday, April 15, 2009

omg-lolz-teehee-*blush* girls

This morning on the bus there were two girls sitting behind me. They were around 15-16 years old and I was listening to their conversation. No no, I was forced to hear it because they were talking loudly.
Girl 1: and then he said he needed a pic of me for his phone, but then I blocked the camera so he only got a pic of my hair and hand *giggle* but then he took a real one and I looked horrible. But he said I looked nice. I love him.

Girl 2: *giggle* that's so 'effing sweet.

Girl 1: yeah and then he called me and I was so happy because I didn't think he would call. And then he's like "what? did you think I wasn't going to call?" *giggle* Then his mom was calling him for dinner and I'm like "do you have to go?" and he's like "no it's okay I'm enjoying talking to you." It was sooo sweet, I love him so much. I'm such a loser for love, eh? *giggle*

Girl 2: yeah omg you guys totally made an impression on each other. That's so sweet! *giggle*
And then I realized why I must have my earphones on at all times when I'm taking public transit. Even if I'm just listening to white noise.

Also, I just realized my 4 year blog anniversary (blogiversary?) is coming up on 10 days. I wonder what I should do to celebrate (or mourn?).


zainab said...

"white noise?" ya'ani?

& i'd like to hear the male equivalent of that conversation.

for your blogiversary, you celebrate by:
- linking us to your favourite posts ever (yours & others');
- letting someone treat you to chocolate cake.

happy blogiversary, asmaa (:

Anonymous said...

male equivalent:

guy 1: so i took her picture and gave her a call.

guy 2: what's for lunch?

Yusuf Saber said...

Sorry Adnan, THIS is the male equivalent:

guy 1: so i took her picture

guy 2: bluetooth it over *giggle*

guy 1: *giggle* kiss me guy 1, i love you

guy 2: this picture of her on my phone will hide our gayness


Asmaa said...

Zainab, sorry was "white noise" racist? How about some brown/black noise?

Also, thank you for your ideas. I will likely get someone to feed me something that day.

Adnan, yeah right. Guys pretend to be all macho and stuff, but they're softer than butter. Butter that's been out in room temperature. Butter that I step on and smash with my feet as I cackle evilly. I will stop now.

Yusuf, wow that is highly disturbing. But I'm not surprised, lol.

Nauman said...

All the more reason why NOT to take public transit. ;)

doosra said...

Can a pseudo-feminist understand the male equivalent even if heard? Congratulations on blog anniversary! You may celebrate by disallowing the blog fundamentalists (only blog readers!) for a day or two.

Anonymous said...

donate 100 Canadian Dollars minimum!

Asmaa said...

Nauman, true. I should ride an adult-sized tricycle instead.

Doosra, I can never decide whether I a) don't understand males, or b) there is nothing to understand about them. It's all very confusing you see.

Anon, I think that might be a bid'ah.

Doosra said...

oh no. I did not mean you in particular. You are right about what you said. It was meant for the one who initiated the conversation. Is the donkey sanctuary still working at Toronto?