Thursday, May 21, 2009


The first thing I noticed when I came back to Toronto was the foliage. When I left in April, there weren't any leaves on the trees. And now they're full and blossoming. And there's grass and dandelions everywhere.

It makes me want to take my shoes and socks off and skip along and roll around in the grass until my face becomes red and puffy from allergies.


Anonymous said...

you have some strange dark humour.

Rizwan said...

Oh man! So you're back! Alrighty then. I take back the welcome back later from that other comment.


Asmaa said...

Umm Rizwan, what is "Segat"? Right when you said it, I thought of Sagat from Street Fighter.

I don't think that's what you meant though. But it'd be cool if it was. haha.

Oh, and Anon, yes, yes I do. And you like it. That's why you visit my blog. Come on, don't lie.

Rizwan said...

"Segat" was the word verification I had to type to persuade blogger that I wasn't spam.