Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I'm leaving tonight back to Toronto, meaning I'll be back Wednesday afternoon inshaAllah. I miss Canada. I miss people being scared of the way I dress as opposed to guys checking me out regardless. But to my credit, I'm generally quite rude to guys who try to start up conversations here (mainly at the internet cafe where I am now).

For example:

Guy: is it hot or is it just me?

Me: yeah it's hot.

Guy: (yells to the owner: "put the AC on!")

Guy: it's a good thing you talked, because I thought you were a foreigner (nasty twinkle in his eye).

Me: (I look at him with no facial expression, and look away)

Guy: Fine (offended voice).

Okay it doesn't sound that funny...you just had to be there...argh Egypt is ruining my humour!



Abdul said...

have a safe trip :-)

Rizwan said...

If you keep reacting with no facial expressions, you know your face is going to get stuck like that, right?