Sunday, May 31, 2009

I dreamt he married a girl in a dark auditorium. They were wearing regular clothes because they had only just met a few hours before and decided to tie the knot. She wore a flowing skirt and hijab. They were excited, but I felt sad and worried for them both.

The next day she was walking with him, but wearing significantly less modest clothing - but still donned a hijab. I wondered judgmentally - why doesn't he say something to her? Why doesn't he advise her to be dressed like she was the first day? But he didn't.

The following day I was with her, and she had ceased wearing hijab altogether. She was wearing his jacket as we walked in the cold. Suddenly, she took it off and thrust it at me and said "I don't want it, Asmaa. You take it."

So I did.

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Abdul said...

"why doesn't he say something to her?"

u know i've thought about this too.

i know some people, who are afraid to say anything to their wives, b/c it may mess up the marriage etc. they are afraid they may come across as being too controlling.