Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lightening the Burden of Adulthood on Eid

Because apparently I don't have enough things to occupy my time, I decided to make Eid loot bags.

Contents: (halal) jelly beans, gumballs, chocolate, rockets, a lollipop, and those square caramel things. The plan is to carry around a bag full of these treats and give them away to people I see on Eid day.

I feel a little bit like Santa Claus, except not as...haram. Or fat. There is only one catch, though - no children allowed.

Don't get me wrong, I like kids. But man, they hog all the attention on Eid! I always see them running around in those cute suits and dresses with lollipops, chocolate, toys, etc. But adults - nothing. We all walk around composed and calm and adult-like. This bores me. Just because we've passed the age of 18, it doesn't mean we have to stop liking the things we liked as kids. Come on, would you really pass up a roll of rockets or a lollipop on Eid?

So I'm going to brighten up the dull lives of some of my all-too-serious friends on Eid day. If you're around, you might want to track me down and get your hands on one of these :)


Abdul said...


that's awesome that you are doing that! i wish someone here would do something similar!!!

mars said...

There is only one catch, though - no children allowed.

'bout time.

'liya said...

I remember the mosque I used to go to when I was younger used to do this for the kids. My sister and I always tried to be first in line lol.

sara said...

So my fam is going to CNE! Save me one of those. I'll send you a text at some point on Sunday.

M & M said...

I dont really like candy...can i get your baked cookies instead:D

Abdul said...

how did your plan work out? did the parents end up passing the candy to the kids?? hehe


Asmaa said...

Belated Eid mubarak, folks :)

Abdul, I caved and gave some out to kids :( But in my defense, they were only the cool & special ones.