Sunday, September 13, 2009

Is Your Mosque Packed?

'Cause mine is.

And when I say "mine," I really mean regardless of which mosque I've gone to this Ramadan, it's always overflowing with men, women, and children. Rarely are the air conditioners adequate or functional, and oftentimes oblivious mothers bring their 4 children to run and scream between rows of praying women. In fact, yesterday's taraweeh prayer was described by my mother as a "suq" (i.e. a loud marketplace). Truth hurts sometimes.

So here I am every Ramadan: standing to pray in a cramped line with one too many women, sweating, and watching little (and sometimes not-so-little) kids duck in and out of the rows as they play hide and seek around my abaya.

You'd think I'd hate it. You'd think I couldn't wait to get out of the mosque and back to 'civilized' detachment. But I dread the end of Ramadan. I want it to last and last, because amongst the slight annoyances we find at our mosques, we also find an unparalleled zeal to worship God. We come in droves to worship; regardless of age, gender, race, or religious leaning.

It's a little bewitching to know that in a week, the mosques will likely go back to their normal state of being visited only for Jum'ah prayer.

Sure, I may be idealizing, but why can't I? Ramadan makes communities happen, man. May Allah (swt) allow us to maintain the ties of community we've developed this month, and keep our minds and hearts close to Him.


'liya said...

"Ramadan makes communities happen, man." That's an interesting way of looking at it.

Asmaa said...

Liya, "interesting" as in "I agree, you're so cool asmaa, mashaAllah" or "interesting" as in "this chick does not know what she's talking about"? :D

'liya said...

The first. I thought that was a pretty cool observation :D