Saturday, January 02, 2010

evil much

I thought of a really evil prank (it only works for people with glasses). Basically, you know those special cloths that people use to clean their glasses? Well if you really hated someone, you could get a hold of their cloth and drench it in any kind of oil. When they wipe their glasses, the lenses will be all streaked and they'll be really frustrated and have to work really hard to get that stuff off. Heh heh. least it would make ME laugh.


adnan. said...

only that they'd immediately feel the oil on their fingers and suspect something sinister. try a liquid or powder that won't be easily detected prior to the application to the glasses.

sara said...

I'm glad you are thinking of fun things during your last moments school-free.

Also, let's hang this week. Thursday?

Anonymous said...

hahaha love it..

Asmaa said...

Adnan, you make a good point. I will keep that in mind.

Sara, why'd you have to bring up school before it even started? Speaking of which...I have to start looking for jobs soon :S

Anon, :D