Saturday, October 29, 2005

Chocolate and Violence: not for the faint of heart

It's like this: I've been craving chocolate all day like a maniac. It's not a joke - my body physically needed it - my eyes were twitching and I was having muscle spasms... It started when I googled chocolate chip cookies (randomly) and then set my MSN display picture as that (blame it on hunger - no, no, blame it on irrationality). Uhh anyways, this desire to eat chocolate chip cookies subsided eventually and was replaced by a burning desire for nutella (this was during my English literature class, mind you). I hope my professor didn't notice the glazed look in my eyes... Okay, so I'm at Jumuah prayer and then my next class and then a meeting - and all I can think about is chocolate. It was maniacal: "So, Asmaa, how are you?" "Do you have chocolate?" "" "Then leave me alone" So when I got home I called my dad and told him I needed chocolate and to buy some on his way home from the mosque - he pulled through for me (love my dad): Listen, yes, I know I'm fully deranged for taking these pictures, but I care not. Chocolate-covered raisins (my little sister's doughy hands) Outside of the chocolate bar. Hazelnut - just what I was craving too. The inside. I had it with tea (so the chocolate would melt). And then, bliss.


brotherhood said...

salaam :D

cool! so u finally got some chocolate :D

can i have some please? :p

Asmaa said...

Ummm, I usually share things and I'm generally a generous person.

But chocolate, no.

Cookie said...


You sound so much like me! I love chocolataasss...
I agree with "Brotherhood": gimme a humungous, delicious,chocolatey bar!

chocoholic said...

What's your fav. chocolate of all?

(I think you prefer the nutty ones than plain, oui?)

Anonymous said...



Squeeky said...

Assalaamu Alaikum :D

Mmmm ... I thought I was the only one who had insane cravings for chocolate (and ice cream). When they get that intense, I literally beg and beg to anyone who's out to bring something for me! And they'll do it too cuz they know I'll just torture them until I'm presented with some yummy goodness *sigh*

I love covered raisins, it's the only time I'll eat raisins.

Thanks for the pics *drool*

Hajera said...

Asmaa and the chocolate factory :P

I demand one!!

Get a life said...

Salams Asmaa

OMG you forgot to write that I was googling chocolate chip cookies at the SAME time! Man, gluttony minds think alike.

Your also greedy sister,

Takumi Nakashima said...

Chocolate? I just got some from Scharffen Berger, an artisan chocolatier. The 75% cacao Venezuelan was so good....
Now to clean the traces from my keyboard..

brotherhood said...

everyone commented on chocolate.. i jus re-read the title of the post.. wat about violence? :p

my answer:
violence = evil
evil = not sharing chocolates

Dbz said...

Hahaha what are you susbstituting chocolate for?

Nutella sucks..thats the one dose of chocolate i can do without- that and dark chcocolate.

Chocolate cigars = amazing if smoking wasnt bad for your health

Asmaa said...

Chocoholic, why? So I can find chocolate that has been randomly placed for me at the office?!

Takumi, umm I'm quite happy with my cheap corner store chocolate, thanks :)

Brotherhood, violence refers to the utter violence of my cravings. It's not evil of me not to share because chocolate isn't good for your health if you eat a lot of it - so I'm doing YOU a favour!

Dbz, you're totally wrong. Nutella is awesome. (Or it's Egyptian counterpart called "Kenzy". Don't ask.)

Chocoholic said...

Oh come on Random, just making conversation :-)
how can I get access to your office?!

You can ask me my fav. chocolate if you want to know.

There were a bunch of Egyptian companies making knock-offs of the famous chocolates. They are pretty good too. I remembering eating 'half-time' which are the Egyptian Twix by Bim-Bim (but that's not my fav. ;)

Takumi Nakashima said...

Honestly! Just try one bar of that even 62% dark chocolate. I know I won't eat hershey's kisses or Kit Kat again. I thought Godiva was good. :)

Elizabeth said...

Scharfenberger is good chocolate, in addition to not being child-slave-labor produced. Yes, all of your cheap chocolate, plus a fair bit of your more expensive chocolate, is produced in the Ivory Coast, where they steal children from their parents telling them they'll educate them and give them a better life, and then they use them for free labor in their cacao fields. Not what I want to support!

My very favorite chocolate is Endangered Species salmon bar. (Each of their bars is named after an endangered species, and some of the profits go to groups working to save those endangered species.) It is so creamy and yummy--belgian chocolate. If you can't find it in a natural foods store near you, find it here:

brotherhood said...

salaam :D

Asmaa said...

Chocoholic, haha the worst spinoff I have seen in Egypt until now is "Boreo" (i.e. Oreo). Like, seriously, come up with a better name for it.