Thursday, October 20, 2005


Okay. So, the MSA has an office at my campus and I had to be there today for an office hour. I came in and there was a specially labelled little bag that said "ASMAA." Now, naturally I was curious, since, well, my name is Asmaa. So, I cautiously approached this mysterious bag (actually, I wasn't very cautious at all). I opened it and found two packs of nerds. Just like that; no note, no explanation, just nerds. Now, I'm beyond puzzled. The person who I thought left them for me denied the allegation profusely. Very strange indeed. Who was it? Fess up! These are nerds, just in case you guys didn't know. (And I even got the grape/strawberry and peach/wildberry!) And then, to top that off, Hajera and Safiyyah, who were both craving something sweet as it so happened, got a hold of my nerds. They then had an actual argument as to what the most advantageous way to open the pack was. They were actually struggling with it, which made me think that they must have had a very deprived childhood. Oh well.


Squeeky said...

Assalaamu Alaikum :D

hahaha Lucky! Man ... I wish someone would leave a bag with the simpsons memorabilia in it for me *sigh*

Yum, it's been soo long since I had nerds, Asmaa ... share pweeze

Hajera said...

ok just to clarify, i wasn't "struggling" with the pack. some whackhead decided to tape the top and safiyyah, poor soul, could not figure out why it was there, what it was doing and how to remove it to get to the nerds. and so being the generous person that i am, i decided to do it for her! but now safiyyah will totally deny this because it makes her look foolish, and so just to let y'all know, i forgive you in advance, safiyyah, for trying to get out of this one by laying the blame on me. good day.


Safiyyah said...

Hahahaha. Can't stop...laughing...can't stop.

NERDS 4 a NERD said...

I can't believe you scanned the NERDS!

Gawd had no clue Nerds candy existed, moment I saw it had to get them!

OMG I see a joke coming up;
a Ph.D. candidate & a Biotech/Genetics gal tried to open a pack of Nerds ......(add joke here)

Did you get any of them or should I leave some more at the office again? (you can catch me in the act then ;-)

Safiyyah said...

I'm thinking it's a girl. Name starts with 'A'.

Safiyyah said...

I must return to defend my actions. We were attempting to open the nerd boxes at nighttime when it was dark. It was also outdoors, and my hands were freezing.
AND a person who shall remain unnamed put tape all over the box.

Asmaa said...

Squeeky, I'd share, but they'll probably be done by the time I ever get to see you...even if I see you tomorrow :P

Nerds for a nerd, LOL! I didn't scan the nerds! I got the picture from good old google. Pffft I know who you are! You can't deny it anymore! And thank you for the nreds, that was very thoughtful of you :)

Hajera and Safiyyah, whatever excuses you make, you're still two of my weirdest friends who have issues opening a pack of nerds.

Asmaa said...

and when I say thank you for the "nreds," of course I mean "nerds" haha

ahy said...


sara said...

I have fond childhood memories of nerds, especially a particular picture I have wtih you and I sharing a funny moment with a pack of them.

Do you remember that? And the context of the picture? We thought way too many things were funny back then.

ps. You have the IQ of my sock!

brotherhood said...

salaam :D
i'm so late to comment this time.. 11th place :(
and u got nerds? cool we have them here too :D
and u know squeeky personally? :o
no fairs :(

Asmaa said...

ahy, uhh what's so 'astaghfirullah' about it?

Sara, hahaha! I totally forgot about that picture...I still have it too. It's hilarious! Yes, we did think too many things were funny, but that's what made life worth living, and that's what still makes life worth living :)

ahy said...


Haha... I'm just a meany n u know it.

Asabiyya to nerds astagfrullah. LoL jk :)

Is this some freaky stuff you'd read in your peasent major program?

sara said...

Yeah, but Asmaa, do you remember that that joke began with fruit loops in the back seat of your old car?

Asmaa said...

Sara, OH MY GOD!!! (breathes in, breathes out). I had forgotten that! Hahahaha! froot loops in the back of my old car...ahh how I miss my car.

Man, we go so far back that it's not even funny...

Now that I think about it, I haven't had froot loops in so long...raisin bran has overtaken me.

Anonymous said...

No wonder you posted a picture of nerds on your blog. It expresses your phsycho friends that actually go on this hideous horrendous blog. Who goes on this? I was just pondering upon this because i saw the lovely nerds...that i stole from asmaa.

Your sister...(eew)

olde woman said...

heheheheh this was great :D :D haj/safiyyah post and riposte: priceless! To top ot off, Asmaa, you totally killed me with your "nreds". I had to stifle my laughter (late night, mom asleep) so I kinda ended up laughing through my nose, but 'sall good.

olde woman said...

o...k.... touche on the nreds, since I've apparently "topped ot off."

you may stop laughing now.