Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Ramadan Game

I'm posting this before going to Tarweeh prayer... So we were eating iftar today and we heard a knock at the door. My mom went to answer it and it was one of our Somalian neighbours from across the hall. She brought us samosas and other food that I can't really name. It was amazing. We play this game in Ramadan where we give them something we cook in one of our plates and they have to return the plate but don't really want to give us an empty plate they fill it with something and add another plate - then when we return the plate to them, we can't have it be empty, so again, we fill it. This sounds confusing but it's a good game. I love Muslims. Well, most of them. Alhamdulillah.


Hajera said...

i thought ours was the only weird family that played that game! my mom will keep a plate for weeks, but won't return it empty! muslims are great, aren't they...a little weird, but great, nonetheless ;-)

sara said...

Yeah, seriously.

It's those little things that make love them. Like that fact that I *know* almost every woman in hijab. I'm with someone and a hijabi passes and we say salam and my friend says: "did you know her?" and I say, "uh, nope."

It's great.

brotherhood said...

my family aint played that game :-/

and wer hav u been :-/

Nauman said...

That's a cool game to play. Makes me want to play that now.
Food is gude.

I also get comments from friends of whether I knew a person or not that I randomly meet on the street and give my salaams (and vice-versa) too.

ahy said...


dingo warrior said...

its not a game, that's how we all shud be. Give to each other, increase the love.

That's why I've decided to give Hajface & Random 2 empty plates (I gave something, now you both can return it with all those goodies! Once I'm done, I'll return the plate back & so on! :0)

Ameera said...

I often forget the things we take for granted in Muslim-majority countries are pleasant surprises in other areas of the world.

Exchanging iftaari (food items at Iftaar) is a common gesture and tradition in Pakistan. I, especially, love it! Sending your neighbours mouth-watering stuff in cute little dishes and getting their ware in return!

Today, one of our neighbours beat us at this Ramadan Game. We were going to send her iftaari but before we got the chance, she brought along samosas and kachoris! We've got her cute little dishes and bowls that have to be filled, obviously, on return.

It's fun! It's exactly in line with the spirit of Islam, the religion that places so much emphasis on the rights and duties of a good neighbour.

Ramadan Mubarak!

Squeeky said...

Assalaamu Alaikum :D

Aww haha we do that too! I think it's the most sweetest 'game' ever masha'Allah.

And I have to agree with Sara's comment up there. I feel the same way. Us Muslimahs ... we have this bond without even realizing it and to be able to say salaam to any Muslim sister, is truly beautiful.

umar said...

lol... yeah, we play that game with our neighbours also

'liya said...

Sounds like a yummy game .. I have no muslim neighbours :S

Thanks for your comment Asmaa :)

Elizabeth said...

You don't have to be Muslim or have Muslim neighbors to do this! We're Christian and we do it with our Jewish neighbors. Kindness is kindness wherever you find it. (Or give it!)

I grew up in the Mennonite tradition (ethnically German Christian denomination) and we always made New Years Cookies on New Year's Eve or Day. I extended it beyond what my family did, to give out to neighbors who are not aware of the tradition. Same with my adopted culture--Greek. They have St. Basil's Bread, which they make on New Year's Day. St. Basil himself started that tradition as a way to give out bread and money to people in need. (A piece of money is baked into the bread!)

Hey, I have an idea. Let's all focus on the giving natures of our religions and extend them to people of other religions. Then "other" religions will begin to lose the label of being evil--we'll be able to see that we're all just people, extending kindnesses when we can.

Asmaa said...

Guys, I think my mom's going to give our neighbours some cake back in the plates that they gave us...hehe.

Dingo, you cheapface! umm only I call Hajera Hajface. Get off my turf.

Elizabeth, thank you for your comment, you're totally right. We should definitely extend this kindess to our non-Muslim neighbours. Tolerance and love starts one person at a time :)

(uuhh therefore, my comment to Dingo was only meant in jest - I love her/him/it)

Squeeky said...


"I love her/him/it" haha

Anonymous said...

get some lives people.

p.s. Asmaa, that samosa was good!

elysium said...

We're stacking up with plates from everywhere.. :S I didn't realize my mom was so popular until now. do i feel like a loser or what :) heh.