Friday, July 21, 2006

m&ms - not as good as smarties, but okay.

My mom and sister have been gone for over a month now and for some reason I feel a strong inclination to post about this. Probably because my sister's wedding is on Monday, and it's the suckiest thing that I can't be there. This is the second time. Guess what I'll be doing when she's there getting married? I'll be in an MSA meeting - no joke. It's like, you've lived with someone for so long that you get used to their habits, their way of thinking, talking, acting. So that's it I suppose, I got used to Mar' s annoying habits like waking me up at 1am and being like "do you want to eat with me?" Or not letting me borrow her clothes, ever. Or hiding fruits for herself in the cupboard (don't ask). Or deciding that the tea from Tim Horton's didn't taste quite right and going back to demand a refund. Or deciding that she wanted to go for a jog in the middle of the night. Random stuff like that. When she left, we sort of subconsiously took over her qualities - because if we didn't, the family would seem bereft of some personality that was there before. I think I must have taken on all of her annoying qualities. Actually wait, I'm likely the only one who took on any of her qualities, and they were all the bad ones. Interestingly enough, when I talk to her, it seems like she's lost these annoying qualities that she had. I suppose she left them behind for me. I inherited them. We cried a lot at the airport. Here we are, making fools out of ourselves while suspicious security guards circle us. I can only imagine what they were thinking: "why are those Mozlems crying? Oh man, maybe this is the last time they're going to see those passengers! Maybe those passengers have bombs, like OMG lolzz." (Okay, maybe not the lolzz part.) We couldn't go any further with my mom and sister, past the metal detectors where they were, of course, thoroughly searched. Then they turned around and waved just before disappearing - my sister put her index finger up high and mouthed something to us, la illaha illallah.


olde woman said...

Assalamu aleikum,

Asmaa, Asmaa, Asmaa. You have a way of making your posts so ridiculously touching (you rogue writer, you). I adored the last part. That was just awesome. So are Mar and you both. But please, don't get any more annoying; I'm worried you won't be able to carry off Mar's idiosyncrasies : ) Take care.

Ameera said...

This is sad, doubly, because the airport scene reminds me of us leaving Tabuk at the end of each summer, saying goodbye to Abba. :(

I can't imagine how it'd be like for someone to miss their's sister's or brother's wedding!

Cheer up, they're all going to be there at yours, inshAllah! :D

nomad said...

farewells are such sweet sorrow.

or so they say

take heart iA, life is longer than we give it credit for.

Writer's Creek said...

Aww...touching. I hope your sister has a happy union with her husband insha'Allah. Ameen


Mars said...

Aww. That's so sweet Asmaa.. I miss you too..

An MSA meeting? How typical.. As long as you are home later on so you can call.

My happiness cannot be complete without you. Its like I've been torn between two worlds.

Man I wish you were here to tell me things are tacky, things are ugly, make sarcastic faces, etc. No one can replace you.

La illaha ila Allah..

Fro said...

tru dat :)and that's cuz smarties are Canadian. Best wishes to your sis :)

Cookie said...


*hehe*Don't mind me saying this *hehe* but it looks like some Indian movie where everyone rushes to the airport to stop someone from leaving or for some indian movie reason and a big drama starts.

*hehe* But this is real I have to say I'm sorry to hear this:(

But,I have to agree with my sis: "They'll all be there at your wedding inshAllah":P Cheer up!

Tasneem said...

Asmaa, you have this eloquence thats remarkable. You made me cry.

Congratulations to your sister and your family.

May Allah bless her with a happy marriage, and marriage that is filled with love, compassion and trust.

'liya said...

That was very touching. Like Olde Woman, I liked the last part very much too.

Asmaa said...

Olde, walaikum assalaam - you underestimate me, I believe I can get more annoying ;)

Ameera, thanks for the encouragement. Before I start worrying about which siblings will be at my wedding, I have to find a bearded male first :D

Nomad, life is shorter than we give it credit for actually.

Writer's creek, thanks for the dua and ameen.

Mars, just a couple of hours to go. Listen, I don't have to be there to tell you things are tacky or ugly - everything in Egypt fits that description. Except the rare bearded male, that is ;) But I think you know me well enough to envision my reaction to neon pink shirts and ridiculously beaded and sparkly hijabs. Love you.

Fro, thanks man.

Cookie, haha if this was an Indian movie, we'd break out dancing to music that suddenly starts up from nowhere. Then the guards would start dancing, too. And all the other passengers. And all of a sudden we'd all have good singing voices and be clad in fancy Shalwar Kameezes. Hehe.

Tasneem, thanks girl, and ameen to your duas.

Aaliya, thanks. Stuff I write about my family usually tends to be kind of mushy.

Nusaybah said...
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Nusaybah said...

That my friend, is what I call a real, meaningful and sensical post, that's the first. And I thought you were a heartless beast. But I was wrong, and you have truly bewitched me body and soul. Please forgive me by adding me as a contributor to this lovely-to-be blog.

Mars, I miss you so much that my heart was about to shatter when I heard you were getting married so soon, Monday! Whoever thought that I wouldn't be able to attend my own sister's wedding? Little did we know, it was meant for me not to go. I wish I was there right now, hugging you without you pushing me away, congratulating you and telling you that you're the best sister I have.

MnM310 said...

hey asmaa..asalam'alaykum...i really liked this post..especially ur closing... very poignant :)

Khadiijah said...

"why are those Mozlems crying? Oh man, maybe this is the last time they're going to see those passengers! Maybe those passengers have bombs, like OMG lolzz."

lool you're a funny one,hehehe.

Hope your sister has a lovely wedding and marriage,ameen. Ameen@above too.