Sunday, July 16, 2006

Seaswirl Strappy Sandal

For those of you who don't know, I'm now living in Egypt and will probably be here for quite some time. Of course, living in a new country has challenges that I would rather not get into on a public blog such as this. However, I will share today's dilema. I was on a shopping trip to kill time and I fell in love with these sandals......... Dang, aren't they gorgeous? Not too girly, with just enough sport in them... :) Anyhow, they were being sold for 300 Egyptian pounds at Timberland. This translates to about $60. So what was the dilema you ask? Surely quality goods that will last are worth the money. Yes, they are. Then I thought about what 300 pounds can buy in Egypt. A LOT. That's a month's salary to most people working decent jobs. I thought about how people live with very little but are so thankful and happy. So I thought, am I wasting my money? I was reluctant to buy them, even though I would not have been if I was back in Canada. Seeking a second opinion, I called Asmaa, but of course she was asleep. So here I am, posting before she is wakes up from her deep slumber. Any thoughts about this blue Seaworld Strappy Sandal?


MTR said...

This is Egypt. Can't you bargain your way through it? Plus you can probably find similar sandals for $30 somewhere else.

Too_Many_Thoughts said...

I say go ahead buy it..
I have lived eleven years in Egypt and I have learned one thing!
You can alway bargain for the price and lower it.
And besides if u can afford it, then why not buy it?
If u are so worried as to how other people manage, you can volunteraily give out charity, but there will always be someone out there in quite a worse condition,
and there is nothing you can do about it,
perhaps pray..
Take care
And keep posting

Asmaa said...

Listen, it's not my fault you called so early. And I already told you what I think about spending 300 gine on sandals. I said you should spend it on a waqf instead.

I have to admit though, I'm shocked to see that those sandals don't have the colour pink or gold in them.

Oh, why do I get the feeling you posted this just to get on my nerves?

Nusaybah said...

Buy it for sure, I like them! You should get a lower price, though, but if you can't I think its too pricy and totally not worth it.

Plus, you can get shoes like that here for like, 10 bucks at Payless. Should've thought ahead, Mars...theres no paylesses there
:( Yeah, and I'm surprised their not pink or gold or something bright that kills your eyes!

Oh, what the heck, life's too short...BUY IT! :D Take this humble advice from your sister.


Nauman said...

I'm surprised that there's a Timberland in Egypt... I suggest that you NOT buy those sandals and buy them here in Canada where they most likely will be cheaper. Spend that 300 Egyptian pounds on having a whole bunch of M&M's imported to Egypt instead. :)

Then again, just bargain with Timberland and you might get it for less... afterall, it's Egypt.

Nusaybah said...
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Nusaybah said...

Asmaa, please make me a contributor. I won't write bad stuff about you, I promise.

Slave of Allah said...

I say just give Sadaqah with a part of the money and spend the rest wisely. Allah (swt) will give you more. Ameen.

Khadiijah said...

Wonder what decision you came to, lol.

I was actually gripped by the fact that you're living in Egypt for "quite some time". Living out one of my many dreams lol. Do tell us more about your experiences living abroad, because it sounds like a pretty big step. I was in Egy 2 months and fell in love with it :D and I also bought absolutely everything that caught my fancy and after £2,000 regret it,lol.