Friday, July 28, 2006

Dust is My Bed

Saw this on someone else's blog. I always liked this nasheed (these are the ones you listen to constantly in Ramadan), the video is good. Please take a few minutes to watch it. Life's shorter than we make it out to be. May Allah (swt) accept our intentions and good actions and forgive us for our many transgressions.


brotherhood said...

life is short.. may Allah accept our dua's , ameen

Nusaybah said...

How touching. I'm actually serious this time, I love this video so much, but it's so sad and Asmaa probably cries to it every time she puts it on. You poor poor thing. Yes, and life is short. We don't even have a minute to waste.

fathima said...

I saw this video before, but without the translation and though I liked the music, couldn't get by the Stereotypical Young Arab guy.
I mean, come on: red shoes? Tight jeans? Solely male cast?
Also, on the singer: questionable facial hair and overly earnest expression? And: possibly non-Arab gravedigger in orange jumpsuit?
These things were kinda hard for me to get over.

But the translation redeems it all.
Particularly the line "the tomb to my corpse became / both my land and my sky."

So thanks for sharing (:

Ameera said...

I can't load the video on my dial-up connection, takes hours.

But I'd recommend another Nasheed... 'Last Breath'. You can download it in presentation form at and it's really, really good!

From those around, I hear a cry
A muffled sob, a hopeless sigh
I hear their footsteps leaving slow
And then I know my soul must fly

A chilly wind begins to blow
Within my soul, from head to toe
And then last breath escapes my lips
It's time to leave and I must go

So it is true but it's too late
They said, 'Each soul has its given date
When it must leave its body's core
And meet with its eternal fate!'

Oh mark the words that I do say
Who knows tomorrow could be your day?
At last it comes to heaven or hell
Decide which now, do not delay...

Come on my brothers let's pray
Decide which now, do not delay!

It goes on for a bit after this before ending. It's really best when you listen to it in the presentation. You'll definitely love it, inshAllah.

Ameera said...

I should add: Last Breath has no music in the background, just vocals!

Elizabeth said...

I enjoyed the video. Beautiful chant! I watched it when we got home from the funeral for a 22 year old who committed suicide.

Asmaa said...

Fathima, yeah the first time I saw it, it was kind of weird - you know, with the Saudi guy singing and stuff (may I add - without a decently long beard, tsk!) But it's a really good reminder once you know the meaning :)

Ameera, yeah that's also a good one, but no extra cool video to along with it.

Elizabeth, it's not really a chant, it's a song. Wow that's really sad :S

salma said...

mashallah that is soo beautiful it made me cry.. before my dad died he told me that in life there will be a time where you will be on your own and the only thing that will help you is your good deeds.. may Allah bless you for your effort into touching every muslims hearts. Ameen

AP said...

It's bad enough life's shorter than we make it out to be sometimes, it's even worse than you're shorter than you need to be.

bah. and life's long enough.