Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Asmaa is currently going through a cycle of sleep deprevation, please hang up now.

Today, October 11th is school's monthaversary. I started exactly one month ago today. What did I do to celebrate? I inadvertently slept in and missed my first class (barakah ya gami'). <--- This is what I want to do now. I definitely wouldn't be that cute, but I'd enjoy the sleep as much as any baby would. In other news, I have a monstrous test today that I'm not ready for. And I'll probably break my fast during the test with a lollipop...a Halloween lollipop. EDIT: I'm trying to study and there's this group of people sitting in the next room, someone's playing a guitar and they're singing about their lord Jesus (na'uthubillah). They're singing quite badly and I'm getting very agitated. Very very very agitated. Very. Edit #2: pretty sure I failed that test. Haha


olde woman said...

Assalamu aleikum,
Tsk tsk Asmaa, thou bloggest when thou ought study?
I think we should start a Sleepers Club. It will be Sleepers Anonymous (anonymous because we never get to meet each other...since we're asleep...)

Were you studying at ISC? Tehee.

Aww breaking your fast with a lollipop? Why didn't you bring a date to school? (note: date of the edible, not bearded variety). Or you could have sneaked one off the MSA iftar food.

How did your test go? InshaAllah well, I hope. Uhibbuki fillah.

hajera said...

Asmaa, when are you ever ready for a test?

Go to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Asmaa said...

Olde, I was studying at Sussex. Which isn't necessarily any better than ISC, clearly ;) It's okay, I broke my fast with apple juice AND a lollipop, so I didn't faint or anything, hehehe.

Hajera, you speak truth.

Anon, I don't know who you are, but you're definitely a freak. haha.

Fro said...

Asmaa haven't you learned the truth about ISC yet?...those couches are evil :) They engulf you when you sit down on them and in minutes you're off in snoozy land...and I don't think studying there was ever an option because you just run into too many ppl you know! Were you in one of the third floor rooms when you heard the music? Yes, they're a happy bunch aren't they?