Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dumb things I did Today

1. I broke an egg. It was in my hand, then it was all over the floor. Not really sure what happened. 2. Burned some plastic on the stove. I was making eggs and I didn't realize that some plastic thing was touching the stove top. "Hey, what smells like burning plastic?" 3. Ate dinner when it was too hot, burning my tongue. 4. I gave up trying to change the time on my cell phone because I think that it's evil, and I don't want to mess with that. 5. Posted a list of dumb things I did on my blog. To be continued.


olde woman said...

Assalamu aleikum,
Hehe Asmaa, been there done that. Except I don't usually break eggs over the floor. More like halfway in the pan..and halfway in my hand.

As for posting dumb things on your, isn't that what it's there for? ;)

(oh and "loooooooooooooooooool"! haha!)


hajera said...

Atleast you didn't leave a plastic spatula in the oven while pre-heating it and couldn't for the life of you figure out where the burning plastic smell that had diffused all over the house was coming from. Not saying that I did that, but just letting you know that dumber things may just have been done.


Have a nice day :)

Elizabeth said...

The dumb thing I did yesterday is much dumber than anything you did. We were at a gathering that included our bishop. I went to greet him, and knocked over his wine glass. Full of wine. Fortunately, not onto him, but all over the table. Arg!

Cell phone: turn it off and turn it back on. See if the time isn't changed. They're supposed to get their time from satellites, I think, and that's what it took to change mine.

'liya said...

I think the time on my cell just automatically changed. If it didn't then I haven't noticed it :S

AP said...

Elizabeth: Cell phones get their data from cell towers, not satellites. duh!

This one time I parked my car in a lot and was crossing the street when I got hit by a car. I was knocked down and by the time I got up this guy was speeding off and I chased the car to get the license plate, but obviously I wasn't fast enough to catch him on foot.

Three weeks later it occured to me I should've just hopped into the car and caught up with him.

Asmaa said...

Olde, no - having an egg in your hand and then finding it on the floor all of a sudden is much stupider. The case you mentioned isn't stupid, it's just indicative of your lack of culinary talents ;)

Hajera, of course. Hypothetically.

Elizabeth, I tried to turn my phone on and off, but to no avail :( Oh well. I guess I'll just wait til spring.

Aaliya, I should get a smart phone like that.

AP, I'm not even gonna comment. Henna boy.

Elizabeth said...

Yeah, AP, and where do you think cell towers get their information? Satellites, of course! Duh. And then all the info gets funneled to us through a series of tubes, and some of that data goes through the tubes to our computers. That's what's known as the internets.

Guess I'm dumber than I thought.

AP said...

Elizabeth: Cell towers don't communicate with satellites. They only communicate with cell phones directly. Though I'm not sure where this bit about the internet came from, internet traffic is rarely relayed via satellites. Those are mainly reserved for higher priority (and pricier) data transfer.

... I think. But I know you're dead wrong about cell phones communicating with satellites.

Safiyyah said...

Why is 'ap' so mean? What a loser.

Elizabeth said...

Um. I was joking.

Asmaa said...

turf war

AP said...

I feel bullied.