Sunday, February 04, 2007

Blue Eye Shadow

“He was wearing blue eye shadow,” The Fool added. “You’re joking, right?” her companion, B, exclaimed. “Nope. He looked really pretty, actually, what with the eyeliner and everything else.” “Oh dear God,” B moaned woefully, “why am I the last to know of such things?”

The Fool had been describing a fellow she’d seen that day while B sat listening in horrified silence. Amused at his innocence, she had insisted his suburban lifestyle had cocooned him from the new realities of his time. And so it was that as The Fool strode into a nearby Shoppers Drug Mart one day, she happened upon the aptly named 'Men’s Zone' and decided to snap a set of pictures as proof that yes, men do wear makeup (they wear skirts too, but that’s another matter). The Fool kindly offered to share with the privileged readers of Randomly Placed a few grainy photos, snapped secretly with cellphone in hand as she dodged the intimidatingly large security guard who stood at the end of the aisle glowering down at her all the while:

The Men's Zone is a pretty large section of the store.

Eyeliner and lipstick


Concealer (no, that is not The Fool's hand)


'liya said...

Men in makeup = total yuckiness.

I switched from pencil to liquid eyeliner recently, maybe your male(who wants to be female?) friend could give me some tips on application? That's if I'd let a guy wearing makeup that close to me lol :D

But makeup for men has been around for quite awhile - this isn't new?

olde woman said...

Assalamu aleikum,
Who is this Fool? Where's Mars? Why are men in makeup? Total...confusion...head...hurts..arghhhhhh

Asmaa said...

Hahaha that is really disgusting. And fool, are you SURE that's not your hand ;)

The Fool said...

'Liya: When makeup for men is sold at Shoppers' Drug Mart, 'tis only a indication its use has become mainstream.

Olde Woman: You see, dearest stranger, the Fool cannot be explained, only experienced!

Asmaa: The Fool's hand is too lovely to grace Randomly Placed, but she has in her possession a darling brother who grudgingly agreed to hold said product long enough for a photo or two.

hajera said...

And pray tell, how does one experience the Fool?

Anonymous said...

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