Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"My Bank is Evil" by Asmaa

So I came home yesterday night and found that I had received a bank statement. I wasn't that excited to see its contents because I pretty much know that my balance was at an all-time low. I opened it, and to my mortification, my account was overdrawn.

This puzzled me greatly because I knew damn well that I wasn't overdrawn. But then, lo and behold, I discovered that the bank, without my consultation, had decided to give me their "premium plan," thus automatically charging me a ridiculous amount. And then on top of that, charging me for being overdrawn.

And so, I will go to the bank and be very irked that I had to make a trip just because they decided to act stupid. And I will probably take my anger out on some new employee that doesn't quite know what she's doing. And that will be sad. For her.


Arif said...

What if happens to be some big angry black male who bitch slaps YOU instead?

Careful young grasshopper.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, fer heaven sake, Arif. She absolutely should go and demand that the fee be taken off. Banks do this because we get intimidated and they know they can do it. If we don't stand up to it, they'll soon have all our money.

This was the topic of one of my first blog posts--my young daughter put $50 in an account, and left it for years. One day out of the blue it was charged $5. You know, less than a year of those charges and it's going to be all gone! I definitely brought it up with the bank in polite but not-so-happy terms.

I am now very happy with a credit union, not a bank.

Ahmed said...

I like TDCanadaTrust, I've never had any problems and they've always been really helpful to me.

Can't you just take care of it over the phone?

Umar said...

That's why you need to get a Student plan. With TD, I'm only charged $3-something every month. Most of the self and fullserve transactions are waived.

When I opened a bank account for my "business" (ie. the now defunct Mihrab Studios) I was being charged $10 a month for service fees... and I wasn't doing much withdrawal or deposits. I cancelled that account very quickly.

BTW, don't be too hard on the teller. Working with customers myself, I can tell you I absolutely hate people who decide to take out all their frustration on you. I swear, on my last day of work I'm going to slap one of them.

Anonymous said...

you always sound so angry and frustrated with everything ...

Asmaa said...

Arif, thanks for the 'sincere' advice :|

Elizabeth, thanks for the truly sincere advice, hehe.

Ahmed, I don't really trust the phone or online banking. I guess I'm just an old fashioned face-to-face type of personw hen it comes to my money :)

Umar, I had one of those before and I wasn't paying anything at all. And don't worry, I won't be too hard on her. I'm a nice person.

Anon, you're right, I do sound like that on my blog. But you have to understand that this is how I write - it's satirical. You shouldn't take everything seriously :) I'm quite the jovial person.

wheels said...

go fight girl. btw, go get an account at pcfinancial. no fee banking, and you use all the cibc machines anyway.

shajara said...

Assalamu aleikum,
I didn't even sign up for a student plan at my bank, because they charge you every month and I don't make that many deposits. I am usually skeptical of these promotional plans, no matter how syrupy the salesgirl is.

Be polite, but make sure your demands are met; that they cancel this ridiculous plan, and waive/return the fees paid somehow. Threaten (politely) to take your business elsewhere. And if they don't comply, do.

Asmaa said...

In case anyone is losing sleep over this, I went to the bank. I was nice. They refunded me :)

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