Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"When Monogamy becomes Monotony..."

So I was watching the Food Network today while I really should have been studying, and I happened to see a very 'interesting' commercial. Namely, for people who are in relationships but want to have affairs.

At first I thought it was a lame joke, but then I realized it wasn't. The commercial was hosted by a professional looking brunette woman in a suit (you know those ads). So she was in a suit saying:
"Are you in an unsatisfying relationship? Sign up today and meet other people like you! Here at Ashley Madison we understand that you're a stupid, unloyal moronic home-wrecker!"
(Okay, maybe not the last part, but whatever).

So yeah, here's a legit website just for people who want to have affairs. Somehow I thought people were above this. Apparently not. The more I live in this world, the more despicable I find it.


Faraz said...


I remember once, I was registering on-line for some news service, and it asked me my "status". The usual options were there: "Single, not looking", "Single and looking", "Married", etc.. But then I saw the option "Married but looking".

That's one thing the Muslim world still does right, alhamdolillah - family values and the sanctity of marriage remains strong. Even though things are probably worse than they were in our parents generation, they're still significantly better than they here in North America.

Calla said...

i think i first started seeing ads for this "service" last year. i too thought it was a joke. i mean, i'm not naive enough to believe that no one ever cheats or is unfaithful, but i found the ad particularly disturbing because the marketing of this "service" validates the act of infidelity and removes the shame.

oh, and hi! i hope it's okay that i comment on your blog.

Travelling Stranger said...

Sheesh. The things you can make money out of nowadays.

blah. said...

i think morality in a secular country is what is norm. if one can get any crazy idea to become norm, often by over bombardment of certain ideas, it becomes normal, legal and thus moral. however in religions, morality is God prescribed.

Elizabeth said...

Geez! This stuff just gets more and more brazen. I hadn't heard of that "service"!

shajara said...

Assalamu aleikum,

Oh. My. Allah.
I really, truly thought you had come across some lame fake ad. And I browsed the website still thinking, this has got to be a joke. I had to go through nearly the whole thing, including the I got to the "FAQs" and the "Terms of Service" before I could believe it. It's dumbfounding. Then again, when it is popularized so much in the mainstream media, what can we expect? It's now the hip thing to be unfaithful, and desperate.

Cheaters never prosper.

Asmaa said...

Faraz, walaikum assalaam. Yeah the 'married but looking' status is pretty scary. Well, Muslims may be one step ahead in this case, but they definitely have their own problems. Hey, you know what I find ironic? The fact that it's acceptable to have a mistress on the side when you're married, but not acceptable to have a 2nd wife. Interesting.

Calla, well hello! Of course you can comment :) That's what I found disturbing, too. I think the fact that it's so mainstream just goes to show how acceptable it's become in our society.

Stranger, yes indeedie.

Blah, you said it perfectly, thanks.

Elizabeth, see what "blah" said - something becomes the norm because people are constantly faced with it. Sad.

Shajara, man when did it become hip to be a scumbag anyways? Stupid women. Stupid men. Seriously, does the world have no shame?

And now, I shall go back to doing my assignment. Yay!

Khulud said...

"The more I live in this world, the more despicable I find it."
so true