Sunday, June 17, 2007

8 random facts about some girl

Common Placer tagged me, so now I comply. She asks me to write eight random facts about myself. A nice change from the regular blog post topics! (I'm being sarcastic here, for those of you who can't read between the lines.) Anywho:

1. I can't have a fully serious conversation with someone, ever. There must be a joke or a pun or a weird metaphor or something thrown in there. I'm like 6 years old.

2. I hate flossing. And yet I must in order to prevent my teeth from falling out. From cavities and such.

3. You know those big sunglasses that are in style these days? Yeah, those crazy ones that cover over half your face? I bought a pair, and I'm kind of ashamed.

4. I'm allergic to mangos and strawberries and chocolate and melons and nuts. And yet I eat them all and hope for the best.

5. I attempt to be more girly these days. It's a conscious effort I make not to always wear black, and to carry hand bags instead of my backpack, and not to wear mens shirts. I'm actually quite annoyed at this whole girly thing.

6. I get so frustrated with fully-grown people who can't express themselves or who are shy to an unhealthy degree. Like, someone will say to me "Asmaa, can you ask this question for me?" or "can you get that thing from the brothers' section for me?" It's like they know that I'm so "immodest" that I'm happy to make a spectacle of myself at any point in time. Like, get a backbone and go do it yourself.

7. Wow, I'm so mean.

8. I love writing drivel on my blog. It gives me a real warm and fuzzy feeling inside to know that you just read this post for no reason. I'm evil like that.


fathima said...

Re: #6: OH EM GEE. This was the story of my life for the three years I was at Queen's. Seriously. I wish I'd strangled those girls then. I wish I didn't wish I could strangle those girls now.

Also: the majority of your points? We talked about. Like, I'm all for recycling and everything, but I'm feeling used.

Anonymous said...

so let me get this straight...your a funny girl who hates shy ppl, with allergies who is against flossing, and is trying to be more girlish. that's a nice summary. you really are evil. but I've known that for quite some time ;-)

American Muslim 1983 said...

I like point number 6, and I agree 100%.

Rizwan said...

1. You might be schizophrenic. Whenever I've talked to you, you're more serious than a state department agent.

2. I hate flossing too. So I don't do it. Unless coerced...which my mother does...sort of.

3. You should be ashamed about the big sunglasses. They're SO conspicuous! But SO cool. Actually, you should wear them. Since they're in style, they probably aren't conspicuous. You'll likely blend in least downtown.

4. Hoping for the best is the best you can hope to do.

5. You stopped wearing your BACKPACK?? And you're not always wearing black???? Girl, I think you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. You might be taking the girly experiment too far. Six year olds wear backpacks and whatever colour clothes they really like because they don't care very much for what people think.

6. I imagine that must be extremely frustrating. Funny how the brother's don't usually have that problem. If there's no real reason to go talk to a sister, a bunch will still say to each other: "Maybe somebody should tell the sisters..."
"Tell them what?? They've got brains."
"No just in case, we don't want any unnecessary confusion about x"
"Ok, fine, whatever."
"Great, so I'll go"
"No, that's ok, I can do it."
"No no, it's alright, I'll do it." *ad [virtually] infinitum*

7. You ARE mean.

8. Dude, I have a reason!! I just can't remember it right this second--GOSH!

asiya said...

RE: #8
Beats finishing this essay I'm supposed to be writing.

Anonymous said...

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Asmaa, before u get mad and think that im only here to attract attention to stylusvirus; i assure u i am not. Ur blog has on many occasions brought a smile to my face :) Keep up the good work! Oh, and have a safe trip to Egypt Inshallah.

The Jolly Bengali said...

I floss everyday. It's good for your teeth!

Anonymous said...


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