Monday, June 11, 2007

Lists, Lists, Lists

Besides all the lists that I'm making of stuff to take with me to Egypt, my sister's got some requests of her own. Here are some things she'd like us to bring to Egypt for her...

1. Peanut Butter. 2.5 Kilos.. you know the HUGE container. I want smooth (big one)and crunchy (small one):)
2. All Bran... as much as you can carry
3. Shampoo and conditioner (Dove)
4. Whole wheat spagetti (3 packages) (Make sure it says whole wheat, not multigrain)
5. Spagetti Sauce (Hunts Hot & Spicy, 2-3 cans)
6. Ceareal (One of Rasin Bran, Shreddies, 2 Oat squares (mapleflavour)
7. Extreme BBQ chips (2 pks)
8. Two-bite brownies (a small package)
9. Omee's carrot cake
10. Omee's baklawa (like 2 peices.. one for me and one for Marwan.. if you have it already)
11. White casual bag
Just so you know, I already bought her this bummy bag. Egyptians don't know the meaning of "bummy." They're always dressed up like they're going to a wedding, and all their handbags have buckles and gold stuff dangling from them. It's actually quite sickening. So yes, she's made me buy her a handbag. But alas, the one I bought for her is not white. And it must be WHITE.

If you spotted the spelling errors, you'll know that this is Egypt's general effect on people. When they are there, they can't speak very much sense. It's against the rules or something. In addition, it's interesting to note the things that someone in Egypt is craving from Canada. Some of the above items seems so arbitrary.

That is all for now. Carry on.


MT said...

most of these items are quite reasonable to request. except for baklawa. ya3ni wouldn't you find better baklawa in egypt ?

is786lam said...

Thanks Asmaa.. what spelling mistakes??

Baklawa in Egypt is disgusting. You squeeze it and out comes ghee-laden sugary sauce.

hajera said...

seems you "can't speak very much sense" either.

Ph,D in baklawology said...

Mt; I'm sure the baklawa she's referring to, is their mom's tasty homemade baklawa which can't b found anywhere else but in Canada (well...unless her mom goes to Egypt, then you'll find it only there...u kno wat I mean)

Fi-Aman Allah n have a safe trip. As the prayers of the traveler are answered, remember us all in your prayers.

Asmaa said...

PhD in baqlawology? wow you must be obese by now. hehehe. Yes, the mother's baqlawa is quite unique. I will remember everyone in my duas inshaAllah :)

is786lam said...

LOL @ Baklawology