Wednesday, June 06, 2007

We'll be Comin' 'Round the Nile


I'm leaving to Egypt in 12 days inshaAllah, June 18 until August 22nd. We're staying in Alexandria for the most part, and I'm super excited to see my sister again after a year. My plans for this blog aren't quite set yet, but I'm hoping to update pretty frequently with the crazy quirks of Egypt as my inspiration.

My aim is to take pictures in Egypt of all the images in this poem and post them here, for your entertainment :D

Besides that, I've never been out of Canada for this long before, so it'll be an interesting experience. I'm not really sure whether it'll be a positive or a negative one, but we shall soon find out. Until I leave, you will no doubt be:

a) mourning my departure.
b) hearing about my numerous annoyances with packing and planning and such.
c) no longer mourning my departure. ♥


hajera said...

I miss you already :(

'liya said...

Have fun and take a lot of pics :D

Why does she live so far???!!

fathima said...

yo, this means we have to meet up before you head out.

Asmaa said...

Hajyboo, it's okay >:) You'll probably get more updates from me than you even want. But don't forget our deal about the party thing.

Liya, she got married and moved there. But she's coming back soon inshaAllah, before september :) If anything, I'll take pictures like an asian tourist (I'm sorry, I'm really not racist, but they like taking pictures, so it was an apt analogy).

Fathima, will do inshaAllah, but I don't know if I can procure free food for you this time since my influence at U of T is waning :'(