Sunday, September 02, 2007


I can't wait for Ramadan.

In my (thus far) unsuccessful ventures to find permanent employment, I've been a yo-yo. I'm up, I'm down. I'm "man I need a job" to "maybe I can take time off and work on my writing/painting/sleeping." That second option sounds good, I know. But how long can it last?

There is something so desperate about making plans, making plans for your entire life, and then coming to a point where they're just not materializing, they are beyond your reach. And all you can do is seriously hope and pray that there is a better plan for you, even better than what you've been dreaming about.

Which is why I'm glad Ramadan is around the corner. Amidst the chaos of everything, the confusion of being, sometimes you need to clear it all out, vacuum your mind, wipe away the cobwebs (you get the metaphor), and get a new perspective on things.

Random doesn't always cut it for me. I am dying for a new perspective.


yaser said...

did you graduate recently as well? it took me the whole summer to find a job but i'm glad i did (and start in three weeks). but i'd rather take the time to read and sleep =) and inshallah, i hope ramadan will provide me with a new and positive perspective as well.

Umar said...

don't worry asmaa, you're not alone. your post applies to me as well.

Radiant Light said...


Is this in the air?
I know how you feel, but InshaAllah keep making dua and it can only work out for the best.

I can't wait for Ramadan aswell,come quickly!!

Love your blog :-)


Asmaa said...

Yaser, yup I just graduated. I would've spent the summer looking for work, but I was out of the country :) To be fair, I did get a few job offers, but I turned them down because of various issues I had with them. Ah well.

Umar, thanks, and good luck :)

Radiant light, walaikum assalaam, thanks! Yes it's definitely good to know that I'm not the only one who is controlling my fate. I don't have confidence in myself to that degree :)

Anonymous said...

correction ..
choas --> chaos

cobwebs !!! I lyk da !!

Nauman said...

Inshallah, you'll find a job. That'll give you some perspective since, sadly, our lives usually revolve around that.

At least the good thing, as you pointed out, is that Ramadan is here and that's usually an excellent way to gain perspective and insight once again... a refresher in our times of need.