Monday, March 02, 2009


I love dates.

Candle-lit dinners, walks along the beach, dark movie theaters...sigh.

Okay let's set aside the corny jokes about "dates" so I can say I'm talking about the dates that come off of palm trees.

I have some today and I'm eating them in class (yeah I'm in class, we're probably talking about something important, but I guess I'll never know).

It doesn't seem to me that many non-immigrants (i.e. white folks) eat dates. Am I wrong? Whenever I offer dates to my classmates they look at them and say with a confused look: "what are those?"

It saddens me to know that people live their lives bereft of such an enjoyable food item. Even with Muslims - when I offer them dates they also say with a confused expression: "but it's not Ramadan!"

Those fools.

There is no bad time for dates, that's my motto.

Time to return to the real world. *sigh*


yaser said...

amen, sister

'liya said...

Dates are yummy and not only for Ramadan. Once I was eating them at school and someone asked me if I was eating prunes :S

sara said...

I love dates too. But I'm in the "it's not Ramadan!" category.

There are just certain foods that are sentimentally Ramadan foods and it just feels like a betrayal to eat them during the rest of the year.

I know that doesn't make a lot of sense, but really, does it have to?

hajera said...

i have dates every morning for breakfast :D