Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I know a boy who's six feet tall,
he rides the bus to school.
he aces papers and gets all the jobs,
but he's still a big old fool.

he buys expensive footwear
to impress all the pretty girls,
and wants to line his gummy smile
with gold teeth and a string of pearls.

he writes sharp words and puts them in beat,
popping his collar along the way,
he keeps a cool exterior
as though his heart cannot be swayed.

but we all know it's the tough who are soft,
their roughness falls apart,
with her first fluttering of eyelashes
that he begins to memorize by heart.

the boy is dead gone for her
it amuses me to say,
his fanciness is a thing of the past, and
he's enraptured in disarray.

what will become of this silly boy...
this writer does not know,
but let a few months pass him by, and
we'll see where this zephyr blows.


Faraz said...

Popped collar? Wow, this guy really is cool!

Asmaa said...

he's the epitome of cool.

Lyrical Brother said...


This is the epitome of poetry.

I must say, you are very observative of this silly boy.

Good job Asmaa :)

Literally yours,
-The Lyrical Brother.

Abdul said...

i'm have to let me know what happens next!!

Anonymous said...


Heyyy Asmuaa

I likey likeyyy ....

- Me