Wednesday, July 29, 2009

how did you people get here?

Apparently a lot of people need to find halal skittles.

The top Google terms that lead to my blog are "halal skittles" or some variation of it. Searchers will happen upon "Halal Skittles".

The second most popular search term seems to be "you like my biodata" which leads to this post. The link is no longer active, but here it is on youtube if you're curious.

Another search was "BUY BEAUTIFUL HIJABS" (the person searching this topic was clearly very excited about this); the search leads here.

The creepy people Google "Asmaa ON Canada," or my full name. I feel stalked when that happens.

The nicer searches involve things like "amazing hadiths" which directs people here, or "Allah's tests" leading them here.

Some funny search terms have been "is poetry halal" and "how much does tarek love hala." That brings the searcher to "Halal Love Poem."

In conclusion: I am google-able!


MT said...

I'll take credit for the halal skittles post. You know I haven't had skittles since around that time you brought some from egypt.

Asmaa said...

MT, feel free to take credit :D Also, there are apparently halal skittles around here these days! You just have to hunt for them. Or wait til one of your friends goes overseas, lol.

Bill Williams said...

I got here googling for the word "asmaa" as a form of address. I remember it being common (for calling/addressing someone) in an African country during my travels many years ago but not which country.

Amy said...

I found you through halal skittles, a long time ago -- I don't remember how, exactly, but a friend of mine was interested in halal skittles, and somehow that led me here. I read your blog and bookmarked it, and now I come back to it every few months to catch up. You always have something interesting to say, so it's always a treat.

Just Another Ayesha said...

I apologise if this freaks you out, but honestly I came here trying to find you. I have no intention of stalking you or your life - I only wish to learn from you. Your words give me hope and they remind of what is real. I have learned a lot from you even when I'm miles away and even when I have not braved through what you are as I write this.
I wish to meet you someday and I hope and pray it is in a better world and in a better time than this.