Friday, June 12, 2009

Beautiful Hijabs

I was buying a water bottle at Old Navy yesterday, and the young, white female cashier looked at me and said "wow your hee-job is beautiful!" And I was like "umm thanks, it was a gift..." while enchanting her with a confused smile. My sister later told me I should've done some da'wah to her by saying: "Why don't you try it out sometime?"

Then, this morning a Muslim woman came up to me on the subway and she's like "I see you around a lot and I notice you have really nice hijabs. Where do you get them from?" So I told her.

I just realized that there's no point to this post. Bye.

Actually there is - I have nice hijabs and even white people think so. So there.

Bye for real now. Bye.


Anonymous said...

Maaan. You didn't tell the curious female audience of your blog where you get em' from!

Asmaa said...

Anon, I mostly get them from the bazaars at Islamic conferences; some of them are from Egypt...I recently bought one from H&M :D Plus I have sisters who also buy hijabs & we all have slightly different tastes, so we all kind of share.

It's really a mish-mash of different places and sources over the years. Sorry I can't offer a more satisfactory answer :)

Anonymous said...

Haha~ I love that. ^_^ I wear only one 'hee-job' -or 'hajeeb' even, as Obama put it at the Cairo conference- and it's not the best looking either.

New to your blog and look forward to reading more. :)

-The Ruler