Wednesday, February 24, 2010

how not to end up with a dead donkey on your conscience

There was a man named Goha (Mullah Nasruddin for the Subcontinent folks). He was traveling on a journey with his son and donkey.

They walked until they reached a small town, and the people of the town looked at them with disdain saying "look at those fools, they're both walking while they have a donkey. One of them should ride it!"

So Goha thought "they're right!" and hoisted his son onto the donkey.
They continued their journey and came upon another town. The townsfolk whispered to one another "look at that insolent boy! He's riding the donkey while he makes his old father walk!"

So Goha thought "yes I should ride instead," and they switched places.

The next town they reached, they heard the people saying "look at that selfish man! He rides while his poor young son walks? They should both ride the donkey!"

So Goha hoisted his son up and they both rode to the next town.

Now at the next town, the people stared in amazement and said "how can you both ride the donkey? Look at him - he's so tired, thirsty, and weak. You are horrible people!"

So Goha and his son slipped off their donkey out of guilt. Then Goha thought and thought about what he could do to make the situation right and he came up with a solution. Him and his son would carry the donkey!

They struggled out of the town with all the people pointing and laughing. Just as they were about to leave, they crossed over a bridge and lost their balance. The donkey fell off their shoulders and into the river where he drowned.

Moral of the story: if you listen to people - everyone claims to know what's best for you. But you'd better start making your own wise decisions if you want your donkey to live.


Anonymous said...

But you'd better start making your own wise decisions if you want your donkey to live.

Or at the very least, be responsible for your own donkey's death (or life).

sara said...

This is a dumb story, sorry.

Though, I hope this is a really picture book somewhere.

sara said...

Now that I think of it, I was teaching a lesson on fables today and this one could have come in handy. Good lesson to teach the kiddies.

Asmaa said...

Sara, Goha's stories are supposed to be dumb ;) and yet they're very wise. He's called "the wise fool" which is a title I approve of.