Friday, February 26, 2010

Well Hello there, Ugly

Every couple of months I somehow come up with a new joke that I find to be absolutely hilarious. And then I use and butcher the joke until it's completely dead and I need to find a new one.

For example, I went through a phase of calling everyone and everything "ugly." Like "I love you, ugly" or "this sandwich tastes really ugly." At one point, being called "ugly" by me was actually a term of endearment. My next major line was to respond to everything with "just like your face." To illustrate:
Group member: "Asmaa, your work is subpar."
Asmaa: "Just like your face."
Sister: "Asmaa, that shirt is really wrinkled."
Asmaa: "Just like your face."
I quickly got bored of that, and would thus like to officially reveal my new line: "I'm not attractive enough." To illustrate:
Mom: "Asmaa go do the dishes."
Asmaa: "Omee I'm not attractive enough to do the dishes."
Friend: "You want to hang out today?"
Asmaa: "I'm not attractive enough to hang out with you."
But apparently I'm the only one who finds this funny. Which doesn't surprise me, since, well, in all honesty I'm not attractive enough to come up with good jokes.

(Just like your face.)

Bye, uglies.


sara said...

I like!

My personal favourite has always been "mom" jokes.

statement: "Who was Napoleon's advisor in 1795?"

me: "Your mom."

statement: "What time is it?"

me: "Your mom o'clock"

statement: "Sara, I think you are being extremely rude."

me: "whatever, your mom"

Anonymous said...

Me and my mates all call eachother UGLY...ur gorgeus love you... I'm sorry but 'your mum' jokes are horrible. Think if you said it to someone who had just lost there mum?