Sunday, February 28, 2010

If I obtained my knowledge solely from facebook statuses, I would know that no one was proud to be a Canadian until Canada's hockey team won gold at the Olympics.



sara said...


I was thinking, if people are so proud to be Canadian, why don't they stand up for injustices that are currently happening at the hand of Canada?

And also, why don't they support Canadian arts?!


I feel a bit like one of these guys:

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that Canada won gold, because for some reason that means something, but seriously, the moment is over. It actually affects me in no way.

Anonymous said...

will u all chill
and just rejoice.
there is a ton of injustice everywhere - and being depressed during a hockey game about them wont change their reality - neither will getting excited over a hockey game

dont force-feed guilt or injustice into what may be considered by some to be a 'triviality'

all im saying is why cant we just rejoice even if its over a game (if thats what we chose to do) without people trying to mock others' moments. i find it judgmental that just bc someone might enjoy something like a game, their patriotism or their awareness of injustices are called into question

sara said...

I find it judgemental when someone's patriotism is criticisized when they don't care about a game.

I love this country more than I love sports and I don't think that it's wrong to say so.

Anonymous said...


Asmaa said...

Anon, don't get your panties in a knot. I think you need to chill, not me :)

'liya said...

I was proud to be Canadian when I first heard the song I Believe, it's beautiful and the games were totally awesome. Sorry, but I just adore the Olympics :)

Asmaa said...

Don't apologize, liya. You're free to love the Olypmics :P

Anonymous said...

Asmaa said...

HAHAHAHA, oh man that clip was brilliant...

Anonymous said...

'liya said...

Okay thanks :D

I just failed to see how enjoying sports and standing up to injustices related. It seems like some people are just never pleased.

If anything, the hockey win was a nice feeling considering how badly the Leafs suck... I won't say anything else lol.

Asmaa said...

Liya, you're kidding me right?

For starters, the Olympics left hundreds of people displaced because the streets needed to be "cleaned" of the homeless in order for it to look pretty in preparation for the games - not to mention that many of those people (forcefully) shooed away are indigenous to Canada; hence the Vancouver games were actually happening on land that used to belong to them, that was stolen by our colonialist state. The sad irony is that we are benefiting from their land while they are kicked to the curb.

Shouldn't the games be an opportunity to give back to the local community? Unfortunately, the games were in the service of the filthy rich corporations and sponsors, and only served to reinforce the status quo. If 80% of Canada watched at least a portion of that hockey game and got SO worked up about it, I'd like to see even 20% of Canadians getting worked up about poverty, or doing something significant to better our society. Why are these demands unreasonable? Why are our priorities so messed up?

In general, our obsession with entertainment serves to numb our minds from the realities of the world - that's just my own personal piece. So yes, when I see people so worked up about something seemingly insignificant, I will ask them to reflect on it. And I have a right to.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy entertainment as well, but I'd like to think that it doesn't blind me from being able to perceive reality.

Needless to say, the two issues are related.

'liya said...

I LOVED the fact that my younger teenage muslim brother could watch something decent on tv. Sports are awesome for teens. This is what mosques push for yet when something great like this comes up then people always find something wrong with it. That's just what I think. When something great comes, why not grab it and use it for all the opportunies it holds? Make the best of it that we can... it's not often that these things happen. Use the platform when it's available, what a great way to appeal to people when you can get their attention like this, no?

I also think it's so wrong to always assume that people don't help/volunteer/support other causes, how are we to know what charities others donate to? It's better to think the best of other people rather than the worst. All of my friends who were equally obsessed with the olympics donate regularly to charities and support different important causes but they don't go around announcing it all the time. Just because they started watching the games and became obsessed with sports for a short time in their lives didn't make them stop volunteering for the causes they support. Who says everyone has their minds numb to everything else? People aren't stupid. I refuse to think the worst of others without knowing them.

And finally all of Canada was taken from the indeginous peoples. We're all living on stolen land right now, every second and always will be. That doesn't make it right but it seems odd to point out one area when every Canadian is guilty unless they are doing something about it.

Asmaa those are just my thoughts. I know you think differently and I respect that but I fail to see your view so I guess we just have to agree to disagree. Sorry for the long reply, but no I wasn't kidding with my comment.

Asmaa said...

Maybe someone else's perspective will be valuable here :)