Saturday, May 01, 2010

His Reaction to 2 Things

1. This is what I painted in my painting class last week:

This is what my nephew thinks of it:

2. This strawberry is (ahem, was) monstrously huge:

This is what my nephew thinks of it:

Babies are fun audiences.


m said...

That painting is fabulous.. you're really coming along :)

My barren walls await :)

Anonymous said...

Your painting looks like it's from a children's book about about a girl that runs away from home, turns into a swan, and gets lost at sea.


sara said...

hahahaha. Adam is amazing.

bezel said...

love the bedsheets!

Asmaa said...

M, thanks. I'll see if I can squeeze you in :P

Anon, thanks. I think you should write a children's book with me.

Sara, I think nephews in general are the bees knees.

Bezel, lol of all the things in the post, you noticed the bedsheets? Embarrassing. Also, you have an interesting name (which I had to look up). I wonder what that says about you :)