Tuesday, May 25, 2010

my own brain is out to get me

Our memories operate in complex and intriguing ways. Our brains can be triggered by any number of things to elicit memories we thought had long been buried. A smell, a touch, specific weather...any of them can cause our bodies to re-experience actual emotional states of our pasts.

I'm leaving for Egypt in a few hours inshaAllah (just a 2 week trip), and as I was lying in bed this morning thinking about the things I needed to do, my entire being was suddenly consumed by every little detail of what happened on my last trip there - it was a very difficult trip, and I started to remember what I did on the day I traveled in 2009, and all the the consequent emotions in the following months.

At first I got angry at my own physiology for causing my state of unpleasant memory.

But then I got myself together and realized that perhaps I was being reminded of those difficulties so I could thank Allah (swt) for His ever-watchful mercy over me - sometimes we need to remember the bad in order to truly recognize the good.

So, alhamdulillah for memories, as unpleasant as they are sometimes. And, well, bye.


blog for steveLi said...

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Recadrage Cognitif said...

Your thoughts reminds me of my memory. I like your sentence: "sometimes we need to remember the bad in order to truly recognize the good".
Hope that our memory will help us someday, when we are at turning points in our lives.

Asmaa said...

Thanks Steve Li!

Recadrage, I'm glad it struck a cord :)