Sunday, May 23, 2010

I have a feeling you guys like Kauthar more than Asmaa. Obviously you're just into the juicy stuff. TSK TSK.


Anonymous said...

i think kouthar is an honest, realistic manifestation of asmaa. although two different individuals, asmaa expresses herself, her thoughts and her emotions through kouthar. they share the same concerns, zeal and insecurities. asmaa uses kauthar as a shield...since kauthar is a fictional character and cannot rationally be criticized for her actions and thoughts. asmaa and kauthar are the two pillars that khalil gibran mentions in his poem on marriage...two pillars to hold up the same weight - but apart..with some distance between them. they are one...but in fact two.

Asmaa said...

Comments like these make me think you should have left your name instead of the "anonymous" cop-out :)