Friday, October 01, 2010

boys still make me cry

My lovely amazing crazy awesome spunky cutie of a nephew has officially moved to the states. Sadly, we don't know how long they're staying there since it all depends on his dad's work.

Who knew the absence of a 2 year old would be one of the saddest things of life?

I go through my days looking at things around me and remembering what Adam would do or say if he was there. Like how he would always turn to me at the top of a flight of stairs and say "I need horsey" (i.e. a piggyback)...he never "wanted" anything, he always NEEDED it. Or how he would mispronounce certain words (e.g. he'd say "inshide" instead of "inside"). Or how he'd pick up anything and everything we said to each other, and one day he turned to me and said "what the hell" and we died laughing (even though, technically it was bad).

And he always wanted to watch youtube videos, and I would try saying no but he would say "pwease Asmaa" and have a look of pure innocence and pleading...and my heart would melt and he'd always get his way. Sigh.

And now he's gone and I'm sad.


sara said...

oh Asmaa. This made me teary. I totally feel you.

hajera said...

i feel your pain. alas, i am in the same boat.

btw, how come adam just calls you asmaa? no aunty or the egyptian version of it?

Anonymous said...

he's so cute! i'm sure he misses u too!

Asmaa said...

Sigh, I'm sure we'll be reunited soon inshaAllah. When he knows how to read and longer needs me to read to him :'(

Haj, we're just inappropriate that way. hehe. I like him calling me Asmaa. I call my uncle & aunt by their first names, too. I realize it sounds disrespectful to the untrained ear :P