Sunday, June 18, 2006

"Asmaa, can you help me pack?"

Friday was my sister's (Mars) last day teaching at her school because she's travelling to Egypt in a few are some of the notes she got from her students :) My sister really liked this one. When she got it, she kept gushing and making this dumb face and saying "awww, this is so sweet." Another student's redition of himself and the teacher playing soccer. Except that the teacher has no hair/looks like a man. But that's okay. "Sr. Mariam" is taller than the tree in this drawing! Hehe. And some kids were really creative. On the bottom of this one there's a little happy face made out of playdo. This is a card from a bunch of grade one kids. If I could draw your attention to the bottom left corner of the picture, you'll see that a brilliant young child wrote to her: "you nice." She laughed about that for a while. She's leaving in a few short hours with my mom. She's not actually planning on coming back in the near future and my mom will be away for two months. SubhanAllah, I've always thought that I was independent. But I'm not sure how I'm going to handle it. And Mariam, she's sort of my evil twin. Well, we're not really twins (though we've been mistaken for twins on many occasions). And she's not really evil. But together, we were a dangerous combination. And my mom...she's my lifeline, she's everything. I'm sad.


olde woman said...

Assalamu aleikum,

Heheh, those notes are super-cute. It's part of the reason I still debate being a teacher. As for the comparatively large size of Mar compared to that tree, it seems to indicate a symbolic reference to the authority of Mar, the teacher, as seen through child's psyche. Or maybe it's just a kid's cute drawing :)

By unanimous consensus, the panel has come to the following conclusion: you nice.

Ohh mann Asmaa, Mariam is leaving...hang in there, kiddo. It's tough at first, but in due time you'll be trading stories, snickering at the phone, and anticipating visits. My sister has been gone for six years and I still act like a baby every time she is about to come :) It's time for you to be the next-big sis.

As for your mom leaving - I feel for you, girl. Us + mom = inseparable :) So I guess it's time for you to, uh, pull up your pants and prove to yourself (and her) that you aren't a lazy girl (been there, have yet to do that :) ). You'll really appreciate her more when she comes back. Perhaps some consolation: ask them both for travellers dua's (supplications).

To Mariam: Off to the big brown yonder, eh? InshaAllah everything will go well for you, and may Allah make easy your journey and your new life, and grant you much baraka (blessings) (oh man time to practice your Arabic. Quick: what's the best way to haggle with vendors?!?) I expect you to trundle over to a cyber cafe and routinely comment on my blog, or else convey profuse salaams to me through your sister. Wishing you good rahma, ya sittie. I will miss you very.

Fa homee Torontun
Wa homukee Misrun
Wa betweenina'distensu
very mutawwali

Squeeky said...

Assalaamu Alaikum :)

Aww Asmaa ... don't be sad! But then again, in situations like these, one can't help but to be *sigh* It's definitely going to be weird in the beginning when your sister isn't around (trust me, I know) but you get used to it and begin to love one another so much more ... aww! Your sister is in my du'as ... and mummy dearest will be back before you know it, insha'Allah!

Those drawings were too cute. The reason why I would love to teach little kiddies. Adorable.

Khadijah said...

awww, im gonna miss Sr.Mariam, i always loved Osama hes so cute, and im gonna miss her alot, so sad she cant come to our and her sisters graduation. -sniff-
Hope it all goes well.

Umar said...

that's cute

Tasneem said...

Those pictures are really cute!

I know what it is like to not have your mom around, Good Luck!

Nusaybah said...

Sniff! Why do you have to make me cry again, wasn't it enough at the airport? And awww, everyobody was crying and so were you, surprisingly. But dont make fun of Asmaa, her friends. Because imagine you in a situation like this, how would you react? Anyways, I'll probably starve to death without my mother's delicious cooking, and I'll probably become normal (omg)without mariam's craziness. Tragedy is always in the end.

Anonymous said...

Salam Asmaa,

How about you keep my mom company while I keep your mom company and all the while we’ll send pictures to each other in hopes of staying sane... we’ll miss you, fr:)

'liya said...

Aww what adorable pictures! They remind me of some of the things my grade 2s drew me when I was teaching them *sigh* memories :)

2 months is a long time.. I suggest you go with your mom and sister! I don't have any other advice because all I can think of is how sad it would be.. so quick, save up some money or borrow from friends, and go with!!

brotherhood said...

hey i hope you feel better soon inshallah..

am glad they arrived safely :)

A said...

Asmaa you poor baby! :( *Hugs*...Welcome to the Surviving without Mom club. It's gonna be tough, there's gonna be a few tears, but you're gonna get through it girl. And your sis is leaving as well???? Double hugs. I didn't know Mariam too well, but the couple of times I met her...I could have sworn it was you :) Hope she has a good time. Anyways, hang in there dude....and don't eat chocolate bars for dinner! :P

anis said...


I dont know where else to say this. In anycase, congratulations on getting your letter published in the Star. Yaay, finally someone from our side gets to speak. I hope to see more of your stuff getting published.

Asmaa said...

Olde woman, thanks for your comment. You know, you always make me feel better :) Ameen to your duas. And the best way to haggle vendors is to walk away...then they call you back and give you the price you want ;)

Squeeky, walaikum assalaam. Awww thanks nerd :)

Khadijah, hehe Sr. Mariam. Yeah, apparently everyone misses her. The school isn't the same without her...

Umar, yes indeedy.

Tasneem, so I've heard :D

Nusaybah, you won't starve okay! And you didn't have to reveal that to everyone...grrr.

fr, it's a deal. I'm already missing your sick voice ;)

Aaliya, that's the one good thing about being a teacher :) If it was only a money issue, then I'd go with them. There's more to life situations than money. :S

Brotherhood, thanks nerd :)

A, thank you but I have no idea who you are. Feel free to let mw know :D

Anis, thanks fof the comment. I'm glad someone reads the paper :) I'm glad to know that I'm on the right side :D

Meowmix said...

1. My heart bleeds for thee, Asmaa. * Fa sabrun jameel *

2. I wonder if that Hashmi character has ever visited your blog.

3. E-mail to register for the super cool Juz Amma course that Asmaa plans to attend :)

hydroman said...

I used to teach Arabic to 6 to 7 year olds at Sunday School. They're like mirrors at this age. If you show them a lot of energy, they'll get energized. If you are dull, they will also become dull.

Whenever I gave them quizzes, I'd tell them to draw me a picture on the back for bonus points.

I think being a teacher is one of the best jobs. Especially when I see these kids older now running around at sunday school. When they say Salaam to you.

Older kids, it's still good teaching them. It's a lot harder to connect with them though.

How old are these students?

Asmaa said...

Meowmix, I doubt he's ever visited the blog. It's sad how he tried to humiliate me but then just ended up humiliating himself :P (And yes, join the Juz Amma course everyone!)

Hydroman, yeah kids are really amazing to watch. It's funny how you can tell, even from when they're this young, how they'll be when they grow up. The kids my sister taught are in grade 2.

AP said...

When I taught at the summerschool last year, I used to keep this pad and everytime the kids said something really stupid, I wrote it down. It was the most awesome collection of retarded sayings. Too bad I lost that treasure trove.

Asmaa said...

AP, you taught summer school? Man, those poor children. Too bad you lost all those retarded sayings - now all you have left is your brain. I would have figured that would be enough of a consolation for you ;)