Monday, June 05, 2006

'teach me how not to lose hope'

Assalaamu alaikum, To my friends and random blog readers - it has been frustrating facing the 'terrorism' allegations propping up against Torontonians. It has been difficult for many to avoid reacting in a violent rage against what they see as an injustice. I don't know what to think - the only thing I'm certain of is that this is a trial from Allah (swt). How will we react to this trial we are facing? Will our words and actions help to make or break the future of Muslims in Canada? And the Muslims are not making it better - there are the "Islam means peace" apologetics who have no backbone, there are those Muslims who jump to condemn those who were arrested without knowing them or the evidence against them, and of course, there are those "modernist" Muslims who blame Wahabism for every problem in the world that arises. The frustration is building. It's impossible for me to know if these men are innocent or guilty, although I'm completely sure there is something behind these stunts that CSIS and the police are pulling. They have been carefully building this construct, the results of which make every Muslim seem to be a suspect. Did anyone see when they broadcast the hotline for people to call in if they see any "suspicious" activities? Who defines what suspicious activities are? For all we know, just being in hijab or having a beard and walking down the street or taking the subway is now deemed to be a suspicious activity. For the brothers who have become entangled in this, I pray that Allah (swt) instills patience and determination in your hearts. And I call them my brothers because that's what they are. If they are being wrongfully accused, I pray that they are released to join their families. If they are indeed guilty, I pray that the punishment they receive is just and that they come to realize the gravity of their actions. And for all of us who have been hurt and confused by this, remember the story of Yusuf and his father, Ya'qoub. When Yusuf's brothers threw him into the well and his father was devestated to the point of blindness. And yet he said fa sabrun jameel: (for me) the most perfect, beautiful and sincere patience is most fitting. A man faced with losing such a son and yet staying firm and putting complete trust in Allah - it's amazing. Umar ibn Abdul-Azîz said: "Allah never bestows a blessing on His slave then takes it away and compensates him by giving him patience, but that with which he has been compensated is better than that which has been taken away from him." I am still contemplating the situation and the next steps that need to be taken. I ask all the Muslims not to be afraid, nor hide, nor apologize for something you didn't do - but remain vigilant and stand up for truth and justice. May Allah (swt) protect us - there is no protection remotely equal to His.


ahy said...

subhanAllah... all my words and sentiments i share with u.. ameen..

Faraz said...


I have a lot to say about the apologists, but I'll leave that for another time. Right now, we must learn to put our trust in Allah, and stick to the principles of patience taught by Rasulullah SAW. I keep my hopes up by reminding myself that the Makkan period for the early Muslims was far worse than any antagonism we face today.

"Do men think they will be left alone on saying, 'We believe', and that they will not be tested?" (29:2)

Anonymous said...

Asmaa, mashaAllah that was beautiful! I agree with all you have said. and a heartfelt ameen to your duaa.

May Allah(swt) protect us all in this journey of life, ameen.


Anis Malik said...


Jazakallahu Khairun for that. It is very beneficial.

Since Saturday morning, I have been in a complete state of shock. Five of my really good friends are behind bars. To me this looks like a big f**kup. (Pardon me for using that couldn't come up with a better term).

I know them very well. They wouldn't hurt a fly. And above all: they know haram and halal very well. One of them is a friend of mine from grade 10. Another one from grade 11. And I prayed dhuhr everyday with another one. I just hope Allah SWT grants them and their families patience.

Tasneem said...

Asmaa, this is excellent. These are the exact thoughts running through my head. I beleive you did an excellent job of explaining the situation.

For our community this is a troubling time, we must stand tall and stand for our faith.


Umar said...

You've said the half that I couldn't put into words. The other half, if these allegations prove to be true, I've commented on.

I just hope whatever the results of the investigation, they are fair and just.

Bliss said...


u captured my feelings glad some1 blogged about it..feels like i can relate now..Alot of muslims have just become so prone to a situation like used to ..that its hard to get a reaction out of them..

jazakAllah khair for sharing the pain, the hope, the determination.

Anonymous said...

ameen... fr:)

olde woman said...

Assalamu aleikum,

May Allah help guide people to the truth, may Allah help dissipate the ignorance that causes so much pain and suffering, may Allah help these men; if they are the perpetrators of injustice then guide them back to the straight path, but if they defer they will be accountable in the sight of Allah, and Allah will judge accordingly; but if it is they that are at the brunt of injustice, then Allah please give them patience, make it easy on them, enable us to stand up for those who can no longer stand for themselves. Forgive us all, ameen.

But my mind wanders sadly to Mahmoud Jaballah.

And Asmaa, I've said it before and I'll say it again: no one can match the poetry in you. You were the person to say this - justly, balanced, and with the sincerity of Islam; the way it should be said.

Jazakillahu ahsana khair wa barakallahu feeki.

I truly, dearly love you for the sake of Allah.

Asmaa said...

Thanks for your comments everyone. It made me realize that although we may feel alone at times like these, we aren't.

Faraz, the trials that Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his companions faced were surely far greater. Thanks for that perspective.

Anis, I know how you must feel and I assure you that you're not the only one. I find it difficult to believe they are guilty, too. And it's distressing to feel like you can't do anything. But, you know...dua, the weapon of the believer (copyright, Yasir Qadhi) :)

Olde woman, Ameen to your dua. I was also thinking of Mahmoud Jaballah and the other four men who've been in prison for years now under secret evidence. And the wife and young kids of one of them who live down the street from me...SubhanAllah, when I think of those men's families, this is their jihad. This is where they hold tightly to patience and will, InshaAllah, be rewarded immensely for it. And, Allah (swt) never burdens someone with more than he or she can bear - so think about it - these Muslims, they're the strong ones.

Bliss said...


They are indeed the strong ones.

'liya said...

Good post Asmaa.

AP said...

Abu Huraira (RA), towards the end of his life when the Muslims enjoyed much prosperity, cried because he feared that they would have no reward remaining in the next life.

Though this is a mere shadow of affliction, there's a bright side in these hardships we would suffer for the sake of holding fast to our identity(for those men and I suppose for Muslims in Canada at large eventually). A feeling that we're building a case for ourselves in the next life.

Squeeky said...

Assalaamu Alaikum

Ameen, ameen, ameen.
That was simply amazing, jazaakAllahu khairaa for sharing your thoughts. Only Allah Swt knows the truth and insha'Allah, He (swt) will be the judge and decide their fate, whatever that may be.