Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Unlikely Companions

This poem is dedicated to Hajera's new niece, Ameerah in hopes that she'll be an awesome cook ;) _ The cupboards were full the last time I checked. I accidentally put cinnamon next to brown sugar on the shelf and they mingled with white sugar. funny how both sugars get along, even with oatmeal who's laughter bellows and shakes- the little jars are intimidated. Sel and baking soda shook hands long ago when they decided they'd go together in recipes. Sometimes they don't. There's Molasses chatting with mother Tetley, looking after her little teabags. And flour sneezes while cocoa sighs at how quick his energy is depleted. Old yeast is no longer quick to rise. Baking powder's lid's sealed tight or the air'll get in and leave her flat. Peanut butter dominates his level, "King of the cupboard" with a fork abandoned in his belly. But his sweetheart, jam's been taken prisoner in the fridge. They meet solely when spread thinly over toast-chaperone and die dramatic lovers' deaths. The secret world of foreign spices lies just beyond their grasp on the other side of the kitchen, in another cupboard. And poor little forlorn cinnamon awaits the day when the girl will remember which cupboard to place him in so he can reunite with his beloved nutmeg, cardamom, cumin and black seed.


Anonymous said...

Girl, that was umm... very interesting...

I didn't know whether to read on or go and get something to eat.


AP said...

clearly that was plagiarised to some extent or another, Egyptians are clearly not known for being that clever.

Nusaybah said...

How cute. But why in the world would you dedicate it to a baby? She would've thought you extremely weird if she had the mind capacity in her tiny little head. But oh well, it's the thought that counts, isn't it.

Asmaa, you must really love food (of course) to write such a poem. But I liked the part with the peanut butter and the Jam. Haha, lovers.

AP, how absolutely mean. But that's okay, its just Asmaa, and she disses you all the time.

P.S: HC, I know who you are. I will soon advertise it. No, I'm just kidding. Hey everyone, I'm thinking of making a new blog. Should I?

Squeeky said...

Assalaamu Alaikum :)

Wow, I will never look at my ingredients the same again :S

And masha'Allah the baby is aboslutely precious!

MnM310 said...

haha salaam! This is torture...i just wrote a post on how hungry i am! :S ahhhh..lol

~ madiha

p.s. Once i got past my hunger I realized how creative ur poem was. LOL I especially liked the pb & j story ;)

Cookie said...


The part about the jam and the peanut butter is extremely funny!Just love it:D:D:D:D:D:D

olde woman said...

Assalamu aleikum,

Just priceless Asmaa, just priceless. : ) I adore this poem, to me it seems to deviate from your usual style in a fresh (pun unintentional) and interesting way, and it somehow reminds me of "This is to be" (Peggy Dragisic), so warm it made me smile throughout.

And when I read "Old yeast is no longer quick to rise," -- ahem, I thought of myself! : )

Spot-on allusions and personification. My fav's: the sugars, Sel, her little teabags, the lovelorn, and the last lines.

Alas, but WHERE is my Asmaa fix?!?

PS: have you recieved a reply? I'm going to email them...:,(

brotherhood said...

i like that poem :p haha quality!

Ameerah said...

Awww tha ish sho shweet Ashmaa :D I Wuv You :D

Asmaa said...

AP, you only wish to make yourself believe that it's not original work so that you can feel better about your non-creative self. There is no need to hate on Egyptians.

Olde, you got your Asmaa fix! I hope you're happy now. You druggie. And no, I haven't received a reply yet...I'm starting to get worried :S

Ameerah, I wuv you too you freaky talking baby.