Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Remarkable Gift

Stop getting your hopes up, because this isn't Asmaa. As a matter of fact, this is Nusaybah, her younger sister, who just graduated from grade 8 on Friday. You probably just switched the computer off now. Well sorry nobody likes me. As you might have guessed, which you probably haven't, this is Asmaa's graduation gift from her to me: to write a post on her blog. Wow, how typical. I asked her, what kind of gift is this? She replied that it's very valuable to her. She said that it's also a marketing technique to get more people to write on her blog, I'm guessing because people aren’t interested anymore. Sniff. Great, so she's using me to get her friends to post on her blog. Why don't you guys just POST for goodness sake, oh my god! Okay, I'm probably boring everyone, but sorry I don't have Asmaa's special skills to attract lifeless people. You know what, I'm sorry for all the rude things I have said to anyone, because I'm not really like this in real life. No seriously, I'm a very happy person in reality. Very emotional, that is, much more than Asmaa, the heartless beast. I didn't mean that Asmaa, I know you hate when I say that. The graduation was great, Asmaa...the best part is when you hugged me and said "you better enjoy this, because this is the only hug you'll ever be getting" How nice. I'm surprised you have friends. But don't worry, I enjoyed it anyways. Oh well, that's over. But all this is actually pretty nice for Asmaa, she even made a chocolate cake and then told me it was a grad present. PSHHT. I'm not going to believe that, she probably made and THEN thought she might as well say that it was a present. Okay, what the heck am I doing, being optimistic and pessimistic at the same time. I cried so badly at the graduation, and I wasn't the only one, okay! It was just such a depressing moment, and I couldn't express how I felt except with tears. But the saddest thing is, my sister and my mother weren't there to cheer me on as I stepped onto the stage, and throughout the whole ceremony. I'll deal with it. But for now, I'll leave you alone. Thanks Asmaa, for letting me post on your blog, but I think it will create the opposite of what you intended.


Asmaa said...

Okay, when I told you that it was a marketing technique, I didn't mean for you to broadcast that to everyone. I leave you alone with my blog for 10 minutes and this is what happens, eh?

And by the way, when I asked Nusaybah why she wrote this: "Well sorry nobody likes me," SHE SAID: it's a technique she uses to make people feel sorry for her. So I'm not the only one with techniques! Hehe.

Oh Nusaybah, I remember when you came home from the hospital almost 14 years ago. I remember your jaundiced little body - I never thought you'd grow up to be taller than me and to outword and outwit me. SubhanAllah :)

ps: that cake was for you. It's not my fault it didn't rise.

hajera said...

Asmaa, that was quite an original and brilliant gift. I admire your creativity.

And Nusaybah, you should guest blog more often. Your one post made up for all of Asmaa's nonsensical posts of late. Sorry Asmaa, but the truth had to be spoken. Perhaps you can learn something from your little sister.

Oh, and congrats on the grad, Nusaybah :)

AP said...

You're going to look back on middle school as the best days of your life when you're old and gray and reach my age.

sara said...

I cried at Grade 8 graduation too. After years of not knowing why, I guess I understand it now.

That school is crazy, but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Good luck at Silverthorne!

Nauman said...

This post was great. Cold and ruthless yet with some heart to it. I loved it!

You'll enjoy Grade 9 more than you did Grade 8, Nusaybah. High school gives you more freedom and control over things. Should be interesting.

Nusaybah said...

Asmaa, dont reveal things like that, omg! Its not fair, what you said to me wasn't even that secretive! It's okay, the cake was delicious, I forgive you for everything.

Hajera, thank you for the wonderful compliments. Yet Asmaa's wish still didn't come true, hardly anyone posted anything.

AP, how old ARE you? You make yourself seem as if you're 60 years old in your comment.

Nauman, I didn't expect to see such a nice comment from you. I am truly impressed. Yeah you're probably right about the freedom thing. This whole year I felt as if I was locked up in a prison, for some reason. They made us do the carpets in the gym and stuff like that. The list is endless about all the unfair things in that school. Finally I'm away from it, it will surely bring back so much torturing memories. Oh well, been there, done all that. Off to highschool.

Thank you, everyone, for your kindness towards me on my visit to Asmaa's blog. You aren't lifeless people at all, you're all Asmaa's friends. So you're all okay.

olde woman said...

Assalamu aleikum,

Hey Nusaybah; I was just talking to Asmaa about you recently (it wasn't backbiting because I said good stuff :) ) I was just mentioning how she could learn from your mature cooler-than-thou stance ;) You're smashingly articulate, so keep it up (but hey, I know you learn from your super sis's ;) ), keep going to AlMaghrib lectures, and rein in Asmaa with some of your poise when she gets too...bouncy-ball-y. :D
InshaAllah, may Allah bless you with barakah and make easy for you your dip into the murky waters of High School. Don't worry, you'll be crying again in due time : )

Asmaa: Nusaybah is certainly taller than you, and she may outwit you some times(it must be said), but she can't outword you yet. Some solace?

And she can't give me an Asmaa fix (sorry Nus)

By the way, where IS my Asmaa fix? Tsk Tsk, late delivery, overdue payment...Nusaybah, help her out..

idrees said...

doing the carpets ... hehehe ... definitely brings back joyful memories of trapping people under the stage :D

islamic school was the best.

Y said...

Assalaam o alaikum

Lolzz Nusaybah ... I did't know u were soo cute n devilish ;)

hmm ... was it u at Rizq mgt or some other Nusaybah ???

nice post :P

Squeeky said...

Assalaamu Alaikum :)

Yes, thanks Asmaa, didn't even know Nusaybah was your sister and masha'Allah ... she just might be cooler than you :O *gasp*

Nusaybah, I think you're going to like the high school life, then again, it depends on how you make of the time there so enjoy it! Insha'Allah it will be a great experience for you .. congrats!

Nauman said...

Do carpets? As in clean carpets? Make carpets? Lie on carpets? Some sort of exercise called carpets in gym class? Kinda confused here. Either way, you'll enjoy high school - at least the first year of it I think.

I say you make Nusaybah a permanent contributor to your blog... your other contributor (Mars Bar) doesn't post, especially now that she's been shipped off to Egypt to eat M&M's with her husband. :)

AP said...

no i'm only 32 actually. :)

Asmaa said...

Olde, yay she can't outword me yet :D I'm sorry, you shall be getting your Asmaa fix shortly, InshaAllah! Because you're cool. "I saved the day, I think it's safe to say."

Idrees, yeah it wasn't half bad :)

Dil, yeah, the same Nusa that was at Rizq Management. People think she's older than me because she's...well, not bouncing off the walls.

Squeeky, you never met Nusaybah :)

Nauman, let me explain what "do carpets" means. It means that the students prayed in the gym - and they needed carpets to be spread out for them to pray on. They made the students take turns doing it. I remember we used to pretend it was our turn to do the carpets so that we could get out of class earlier than everyone else. Hehe. And I shall consider your proposition of initiating Nusaybah into Randomly Placed.

AP, vhatewer.

Nusaybah said...

Olde woman, thanks for the compliments. When I grow up I'm gonna have my own blog.

Idrees, people used to trap each other under the stage those days? Yeah, it never gets old. I love doing that, hearing people scream helplessly and bang on the stage door, trying to get out. And the cobwebs and the dust bunnies. Okay nobody knows what I'm talking about. But what a thing to remember when I'm looking back when I'm in highschool.

Nauman...wheres my co-co-cola? Sorry I just didn't know what else to write, because Asmaa covered that for me.

AP, lying is bad.

brotherhood said...

techniques techniques techniques! i could learn a few tricks here :p haha

Cyn!c said...
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Cyn!c said...

hey sister!
awww that was cute. I'm sure you're a great sister. No human is perfect, u sound like a good person!

Veiled Muslimah said...

Assalam Alaykum,

Aww Cute.

I enjoyed reading that.