Sunday, May 27, 2007

too bad

Some random youtube video I came across: SNIP. You either saw it, or you didn't and it sucks to be you.


MT said...

wow... you put it up after vehemently objecting its inclusion for another video

why the random change of mind?

s a said...

asmaa, already 48 people have viewed this video on youtube. this is simply reprehensible.

s a said...

oh wait, i mean 50. :(

Aishah said...

hahaha. cute

Squeeky said...

Assalaamu Alaikum :)

Oh my goodness ... I can't believe you did that! haha *applaud*

Rizwan said...


Shukran jazeeeelan.

[You guys are "high"] =)

maaz said...

was that you wiping tears of laughter at the end there?

s a said...

"turn around, you freak!"

also, notice how the paper eyes were getting wet near the end?

Asmaa said...

MT, why the random change of mind? Well, my friend, I am randomly placed.

SA, admit it, you're happy that it's being watched. Don't try to deny it.

Aishah, :)

Squeeky, walaikum assalaam...yeah neither can I, really.

Rizwan, afwan :P we're high on...dhikhr? haha.

Maaz, yeah :D

SA, freak indeed. Freak indeed. Yeah they were getting wet from the tears that I couldn't keep in. Because I was so sad that I wouldn't be an engineer :'(

Rizwan said...

dhikr?? Nice try, girl. But I'm guessing it was donuts and/or bebzi...something involving an overdose of glucose-fructose :P

s a said...

asmaa, if you remove the identifying info, i'll be happy. hmmm. i thought the deal was for you to delete it though.

i can't believe rizwan enjoys it!

Asmaa said...

Actually yeah Rizwan, it must have been some sort of carbonated beverage. I probably drank it while flicking the lights on and off.

SA, I'm going to :D

Anonymous said...

Always funny and fun my dear Names.

Your awkward giving naseeha sista