Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What's with me and google anyways?

Again, googled my name under images, and found this (I assure you this isn't me):

I have no idea why I find this humourous, but I do.


Anonymous said...

she's pretty :)

'liya said...

When I googled your name, even without your last name, the first picture that shows is of you - like the actual REAL you!

When I tried my name I wasn't too happy with the results, the dead singer and some guy lifting weights ... although there was a picture of some kid and it was called "Aaliah from South Africa" .. that was kinda interesting.

maaz said...

thats one big old ugly ring he has on her hand.

Anonymous said...

i've always found Arab models to be very unattractive; it seems like somehow they try too hard. i think Allah has put the beauty of Arabs and Muslims in modesty.

i'm sure she's look much prettier in a hijab and a smile.

MT said...

google your name in quotes. more focused results

Asmaa said...

Haha oh man aaliya, you do find it. Not the most flattering picture, but oh well :P

Maaz, Arabs are tacky like that.

Anon, couldn't agree with you more. Arab models tend to overcompensate for the fact that they're Arab and have different facial features than their wispy white counterparts. Thus leading them to cake on so much stuff that they just look like porcelain dolls. Ugly porcelain dolls.

MT, thank you google-master.

Nauman said...

That picture looks sorta like you, Asmaa... sorta... :)

I googled my name and got some weird results pertaining to some guy named Bruce Nauman. My name pops up all over the Internet but luckily my picture doesn't which is good.

Asmaa said...

Nauman, she looks nothing like me. My face doesn't look like a cake :)

Mariam said...

Nauman. Did you just diss my sis? Ahem. I will be wise and not comment.

Asmaa, you are far more beautiful. Your style and randomness are far superior to anything that you might see if u google "Asmaa".
Why did u have to share that? I just had breakfast (twice).

By the way, bring a GOOD sunscreen. Like SPF 10000 :)

Ameera said...

A cat, a horse, a boat and a building... what I got when I googled my name! :P