Friday, May 18, 2007

Let's drink ourselves into stupour!! Hey Muz, you in?

Perspection is now officially a word.

In other news, what's with people inviting me to clubs and/or drink-fests? I seriously don't understand how my non-Muslim classmates can look at me and say "hey, you want to meet up and go clubbing?" Okay so basically you are asking me to...

(I had to put the X over it, to emphasize that this is not my ideal state--understatement of the year, no doubt.) Look, I can understand the situation if I was a male since I may be less identifiably Muslim. But I'm a fully-clad hijabi woman (I make this sound as though I live in a barrel, which I assure you, I do not).

Anyways, I'm sure it's just out of ignorance and misinformation. But then again, don't all people know that Muslims don't eat pork or drink alcohol? Ironically, people tend to know these two facts about Islam and little else. And anyways, I look way happier here:


hajera said...

I dunno man, you look rather soused in both pictures.

p.s. what does perspection mean?

Abū Ilyās said...

You could use that first picture in a poster campaign to try and reduce the amount of time that sisters spend on the phone too.

Ameera said...

Love the post!
They probably do it because they enjoy your reaction.

Maybe you could do something to turn the tables, say something like, 'I'm sorry, I won't be able to come. Why don't you come over to my place instead? I'll invite a bunch of other girls too.'

Then... Da'wah attack!!!

Hehe, just kidding.

Nauman said...

Those are some really nice pictures... good stuff!

Ironically, I get invited for these things too and I have a beard and look Muslim to many. Don't feel bad - it's just the way their culture is.

Asmaa said...

haj, perspection is the combination of perspective and perception. no doubt a word formed while "soused."

Abu Ilyas, you know, that's a common misconception. I don't spend that long on the phone. Actually, I spend relatively very little time on the phone. Not all females are crazy chatty teeny-boppers :D

Ameera, haha no no I think they're just ignorant about it. But seriously, are they comfortable being so ignorant? It's strange. Plus, I wouldn't want them coming to my place. Blech.

Nauman, what can I say. I have a natural inclination to the fine arts.

Anonymous said...

you don't spend long on the phone? interesting.

also, as far as i know, 'stupour' is not a word. would you please do me a favour and correct the spelling? it is driving me nuts. :-)

maaz said...

yea, ppl go come to the bar. dont worry you dont hafta drink. but its even the environment that we're pretty much not allowed to be in.

Mariam said...

You can't blame them Asmaa. You're so darn fun to be around they just can't help themselves.

Zohal said...

hahah LOVE LOOVE ur post girll
they are prettyyy annoying!!!!!

this is even more funny AND stupid wen they ask if i wear my scar in the SHOWER or wen i go to sleep!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA its HiLARIOUS