Tuesday, May 08, 2007

my teeny bopper days, unveiled

I googled my name a few months ago and I came upon something that was quite disturbing: a poem that I posted on a public forum when I was 15 years old. I don't even remember what it was about, most likely an emo response to some crush or another. ICK. When I read it, I wanted to cry and laugh all at once.

Although this is quite embarrassing, I figured I'd just embrace it and accept the humiliating consequences. Enjoy!

You left me broken and bruised,
Without a single word.
Yeah, I felt completely used
And trapped in a cage like a bird.

I searched for you everywhere
But couldn’t find where you were hiding.
This pain I could never bear
Because you, I would never be finding.

You ran away without looking back,
Without one single tear to shed.
Now my love is empty and black
And upon nothing is it fed.

This tear streaming down my cheek,
What exactly does it mean?
From my eyes, tears often leak
Always showing where I’ve been.

I made the mistake of letting you go-
You left without hesitation.
And now when my tears do flow
All I gotta do is have patience.


sara said...

OMG, you had a crush on someone at 15?! I don't remember you ever having crushes. It was just be calling you and odd times and telling you what colour shirt
_ _ _ _ _ _ was wearing that day.

I kind of need to know who it was.

Also, everyone is guilty of writing about embarassing crap when they were 15.

sara said...

I meant ... "It was just ME ... calling you AT odd times"

This is why I should always be in school.

MT said...

i'm inclined to google you and see what else turns up.

Nauman said...

Looks better than my poems actually. :)

MT said...

seems that you were "that quietish girl who always asked for elastics" before you were into bouncy balls.

alas my google search yielded nothing more scandalous than the fact you're on the exec of another student group!

how could you do that to MSA ?

Asmaa said...

Sara, haha! Haven't we ALL had crushes at 15? Oh man, I remember _ _ _ _ _ _. That was so interesting and random :D

Nauman, can't argue with that ;)

MT, don't make me strangle you, snapping boy.

safiyyah said...

samosa, darling, i like this poem more:

From the eyes of children come tears-
They are the young and the used.
All they have ever seen are their fears
As their innocence is abused.

They once fretted about monsters and simple things
That lurked under their bed,
Now they worry what the new war brings
Sorrow, grief, and dread.

Wondering confusedly each and every day,
About all the questions they can’t ask.
And when the world looks their way,
The truth cleverly adorns a mask.

Once they knew only how to play,
Laugh, and have fun.
Now those thoughts have slipped away
As does the evening sun.

Fathers, sisters, and their brothers
Have all been quickly killed.
With mournful sounds of their mothers
Is the air now sickly filled.

When will our evil burning fire-
Be satisfied and fed?
Will the guns and bombs ever tire?
Only when soil becomes a bed.

Asmaa said...

Safiyyah, like I said, don't make me hurt you.

safiyyah said...

Samosa, I love you as much as I love that poem. :-D

fathima said...

"I would never be finding"

See, you were always brown.

sara said...

I don't remember you talking about crushes at 15! Well you don't talk about crushes in general (or you don't admit to them anyway!!).

There was nothing interesting about _ _ _ _ _ _. He was boring and I was so lame back then.

_ _ _ _ _ on the other hand, that was totally not a waste of time. Sigh. LOL!!!

hajera said...

i don't know what to laugh at more - the emo-ness or the impeccable rhyming!

here's one for both until i decide: bahahahahhahahahahahahaaaa :D

Mars said...

Heheheh. Classic. At least you knew how to rhyme. :)

Gabriel said...

Haha, you're such an emo, wow. :')

Khadijah said...

hahaha, man now i know where nusaybah get's her moping from..

Asmaa said...

Fathima, haha that's exactly what I thought when I read it :S

Sara, I agree, _ _ _ _ _ was pretty interesting :D

Hajera, ha ha ha.

mars, I still know how to rhyme. I just don't.

Gabriel, *was* okay, *was* an emo.

Khadijah, lol thanks a bunch. Actually I think I used to be so much more emo than she is now.

Travelling Stranger said...

Hmm, I'm pretty sure I left a comment here earlier, but I don't see it!

Yeah this poem is better than mine as well! But then, I only recently started out writing poetry, not since I was 15 !

*Under*Cuver*Sister* said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.. teenybopper days have to be the most embarassing thing. my teenybopper thread keeps getting bumped on islamica and i cant even bear to go on it anymore!!
But that poem was real good though!! And bears no signs of TB days... apart from the emo-ness...