Friday, September 28, 2007

stuff de duff duff duff

This Ramadan has been tough for me. For some reason it's harder to fast these days and I've been getting easily frustrated with things and people. Or rather, I've been tested in so many little ways. I always assumed that the more years you fast, the easier it gets. But it doesn't work that way.

Updates with me...working temporarily, looking for a permanent job. Taking in Ramadan, being disappointed at the lack of colour on the trees this fall, writing poetry in my mind but never getting it on a piece of paper, trying to learn how to be more patient (why is it so hard?) and grateful. And making dua that there is something better for me in the near future. It feels good to put your full trust in Someone besides yourself.

Yeah :) I will make it my objective to post something substantial soon.


sara said...

I feel you about Ramadan being hard this year. Perhaps it was because I had a lot of expectations for myself and others and now I'm left feeling disappointed. But it's not over yet, so I'm trying to stay optimistic.

Hopefully things will pick up for the both of us soon.

shajara said...

hang in there, ya Asmaa.
patience is the hardest thing to master, and I'm a long way from it; but inshaAllah we can both build upon it and ignore the clouds of negativity/dissappointment: let's make the most of the Ramadan left.
Miss you loads.