Thursday, September 06, 2007

Worthwhile Literature

I went to the library today because I could feel a rattling sound in my brain due to lack of reading. Once I was there, I got a couple of books, but it didn't seem right. Something was missing. Then I realized I hadn't read a Garfield comic book in years. So I got a couple.

My basic conclusion is that Garfield is my hero. Please do not confuse this admiration for the comic with that of the Garfield movie, which was about as entertaining as a cute baby seal stuck in a thick layer of ice.

I'm pretty sure the laziness, sarcasm, food-addiction, etc. are the reasons I love him so much. He's basically the cat version of me. On that note, my mom told me that I remind her of Garfield. And way before that, she told me I looked like Stewie, the evil baby from Family Guy.

Oh, familial love.


Anonymous said...

I will have to disagree with you and say that get fuzzy is the best comic strip ever drawn. in fact, bucky katt reminds me of you. the pure yet harmless evil ;)

sara said...

I have to disagree with you as well. A cute baby seal stuck in a thick layer of ice seems like the funniest thing ever, whereas the Garfield movie is definitely not. Find a better simile, Asmaa. One that I give my stamp of approval on.

fathima said...

... your mom watches Family Guy?

and Anon, Get Fuzzy is indeed awesomeness. you get my stamp of approval.

Asmaa said...

Why is everyone disagreeing with me. Did I ask for any of your opinions in the first place? Haha.

Anon, get fuzzy is pretty awesome I must admit. If I'm bucky, what are you? the super brilliant satchel?

sara, well Morissey's on my side, I'm sure ;)

Fathima, no she doesn't, she saw an ad for it though and concluded that I was like him. Family Guy is a super perverted show :S

Nauman said...

I agree - you do look like Stewie from Family Guy... and you're just as nefarious as him too. :)

Anonymous said...
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Asmaa said...

Nauman, hater.

Anon, thanks :D